OnePlus 5T OFFICIAL Without Android Oreo (Still – It's 50% CHEAPER Than iPhone X!)

OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T is officially official and it costs HALF the price of the iPhone X

The OnePlus 5T has now officially launched, following its unveiling at an event in New York. The latest handset from the Chinese upstart picks up where the OnePlus 5 left off, adding some new features to the mix and a brand new design.

But the bottom line here is simple: the OnePlus 5T costs around 50% less than the iPhone X at £449… and, if you ask me, it looks just as good with its all-screen front, svelte chassis, and premium build materials.

Why now? Why not wait 12 months like everybody else? Simple – "when we've got new technology ready to go we don't want to leave our users with older devices," said OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei.

The OnePlus 5T features much the same specs as the OnePlus 5: Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 CPU, 6GB of RAM, Fast Charging, and Android Nougat (running on the company's Oxygen OS). Why no Oreo? OnePlus did not say, but finger's crossed it will land via an update before the close of the year.

OnePlus 5T – The Big Changes

OnePlus 5T

OnePlus has altered the design quite a bit; the OnePlus 5T now uses a 6in 1080p display set in a 18:9 aspect ratio. The display is also more or less edge-to-edge. The fingerprint scanner is now on the back of the handset and there is a facial recognition scanner in the front-facing camera.

"Our face-recognition system analyses 100 different points on your face and is one of the fastest on Android," said Pei, speaking to The Guardian. "It'll be difficult to fool with either a photo or a video, but it's only 2D not 3D [like Apple's Face ID], which means it's a feature designed for convenience, for those that are happy to trade a little bit of security for convenience, of which there are many."

Improving The OnePlus 5 Camera For The OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T

One of the chief complaints OnePlus received about the OnePlus 5's camera was that it kinda sucked in low-light.

The OnePlus 5T now features a dual-camera setup that combines two sensors – one 16MP, the other 20MP – which should drastically improve its low-light performance.

"Low-light photography was one of the key pieces of feedback we got from users, so we designed a system that merges four pixels into one to reduce noise while having two cameras to produce portrait mode shots and a hybrid zoom system that could replace the 2x zoom of a telephoto lens," explained Pei.

OnePlus 5T

The only real downside here is the lack of Android Oreo, which the company promises will be available for the start of 2018.

The handset is still INSANELY cheap, however, compared to almost everything else on the market right now.

Has OnePlus retained its flagship killer status? I think it has.



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