Nokia Swan 2 vs. Nokia Maze Mini: 8GB RAM, Dual 24MP Cam

 Let us introduce the battle of the Nokia Swan 2 vs. Nokia Maze Mini phones. These Nokia smartphones come with excellent characteristics and good specs such as dual 24MP camera lenses. Read the full article for more details.

Nokia Swan 2 vs

Nokia Swan 2 vs. Nokia Maze Mini specs: 8GB RAM

In this battle of Nokia monsters, you are going to find out which one offers the best specs. First, the Nokia Swan 2 specs provide 6.0-inch AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 1970 x 2890 pixels. On the other hand, the Nokia Maze Mini specs offer 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display with a 2K resolution. Besides that, Nokia Swan 2 processor comes with SnD 835 SoC with 8/10GB RAM while the Nokia Maze Mini processor is SnD 835 with 6GB RAM. We can see that Swan 2 is better regarding RAM.

Nokia Swan 2 storage offers a massive 256GB ROM and expandable with 512GB via microSD. The Nokia Maze Mini storage comes with 64 and 128GB which is expandable with 256GB ROM. We can see that the Nokia Swan 2 wins again, but let's see what else is different for the cameras and other specs. The Nokia Swan 2 cameras have dual 24MP as the primary and 20MP selfies shooter. For the Nokia Maze Mini cameras, the phone offers 20MP on the back and 12MP for selfies.