[GIVEAWAY] Thunder Mailer Pro [MASS EMAILER]

[GIVEAWAY] Thunder Mailer Pro [MASS EMAILER]

[GIVEAWAY] Thunder Mailer Pro [MASS EMAILER]

Thunder Mailer Mass Emailer

Thunder Mailer is a powerful mass email marketing software that is packed with features and yet is extremely user-friendly. Thunder Mailer is designed to help you manage your bulk email campaigns and monitoring their delivery. You can send bulk emails at blazing fast speed. What is great about Thunder Mailer is that it is user-friendly and is perfect for those with minimum technical background while at the same time, has much to offer to advanced users. Do check out more of Thunder Mailer's great features.

With Thunder Mailer, you can now increase your efficiency in managing bulk email campaigns. Not only that, this incredible email marketing software is among the cheapest and fastest email marketing software. At Thunder Mailer, we work hard to ensure that you have a dynamic email marketing system that would enhance your email marketing results.

[GIVEAWAY] Thunder Mailer Pro [MASS EMAILER]

Send customized emails to multiple contacts, then monitor their delivery with the help of this reliable and easy to use email client

Thunder Mailer is a useful email client, that enables you to create numerous email templates and send messages to multiple contacts. Additionally, you may monitor the bulk emails delivery and create certain categories, with specific templates and selected email addresses.

[GIVEAWAY] Thunder Mailer Pro [MASS EMAILER]

A tool that facilitates marketing strategies

Thunder Mailer is designed to send bulk emails, built by a specific template, that you can customize at any time. The email editor supports text, images, hyperlinks, signatures, as well as personalized text formatting. Thus, the software offers you the tools for creating catchy messages, suitable for your marketing campaigns.

When designing a template, you can easily switch to the HTML source code view, or preview the message in the browser. You may save any template you create, for further use or recycling.

Setting up the contacts list and email filters

The software enables you to import multiple contact lists, as well as add numerous email addresses. You may set up certain categories, then sort the addresses by company, activity field, interests, demographic or preferences. This way, you can customize the groups of recipients to whom you send a specific type of email.

Additionally, you may enable the email personalization function, that automatically fills in the name of the recipient in the title or in the first line. Moreover, you can create several tags, meaning setting up strings of characters that are automatically replaced with the adjacent information from the database during email delivery.

Modifying SMTP server properties

Thunder Mailer requires that you integrate an SMTP server, that can serve as an intermediary between you and your recipients, thus helping you to successfully send emails. Moreover, due to the traffic monitoring function, the SMTP server enables you to keep track of all the sent or received emails.

Thunder Mailer is a comprehensive email sending tool, that enables you to create numerous message templates and use them in campaigns, newsletter services or marketing strategies. The templates can contain text, images, hyperlinks or color schemes, in order to draw attention and interest. Moreover, you may create different categories and filters, and send bulk emails only to people who are interested in a certain activity domain.



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