cheapest internet data plan for Android, PC, iOS, Windows phone and more, which I hope they really nice for you to enjoy in this new Month

 October 2017 is here, may all of your previous failures turn into success this month. Happy New Month, my people! And I wish all Nigerians a Happy 57th Independence Anniversary.

I'm here again to share the best and cheapest internet data plan for Android, PC, iOS, Windows phone and more, which I hope they really nice for you to enjoy in this new Month. If you are like me who has no official life outside the internet, you will know that the issue of the internet data subscription is a very serious one. I practically feel like a fish cast onto the dry land whenever my internet connection is down.

Before MTN went the way of "a greedy wolf" who consumes data as if their life depends on it, I used to subscribe to only MTN double data (100% data bonus) and it was recommended for lots of my readers too, because MTN Nigeria has the widest coverage, not doing bad with regard to speed and their reliability is above average.

Unfortunately, MTN is no longer given consumers value for their money in terms of data calculation and consumption. Am I the only one noticed this?

Globacom is the worst network in most areas, 9moble is generally the most expensive, but also the fastest. Airtel is in the middle of the two divides. Not expensive, not the slowest, not the most reliable.

For now, Airtel Special Priviledge offer that gives 6GB data for N1500 seems to be the best that offers both speed and value for my money. So, let me start with the Airtel network.

Airtel Nigeria
I will start with Airtel, here are the best data plan on Airtel.
1. Airtel Special Priviledge Offer: You can 6GB Worth of Data For Just N1,500.
This plan works for all devices ranging from Android, BB10, iPhone/iPad, Laptops, Windows phone, Symbian/Java phones; you just name it. For now, this plan seems to be the best data plan that offers both speed and value for the money. Tested and confirmed.

Dial *440*161# to activate the plan. Just make sure that you haven't used that sim to subscribe to airtel 2GB for N200 before otherwise the plan won't work on your sim. Read more detail about Airtel Special Priviledge Offer here.

2. Airtel 100% data Offer: This is not based on eligibility. It gives you 400MB for N200, 1.5GB for N500, 3GB for N1000, 7GB for N2000 or 10GB for N2,500. You get free extra 200MB when you activate 200MB for N200, extra 750MB when you activate 750Mb for N500, extra 1.5GB when you activate 1.5GB for N1000, extra 3.5GB when you activate 3.5GB for N2000.

Dial *144# to activate any of the plans.

3. Airtel Unlimited Plans: Airtel Unlimited Data Plans are specifically designed for heavy data activities like downloading, streaming and sharing with friends and family. If the Airtel network is good and fast in your location, then Airtel Unlimited will be recommended for you, most especially if you are a business person or you spend most of your time on the internet.

NB: There is an ongoing promo with Airtel Unlimited 20. All you need is to buy a new sim, activate the Unlimited 20 and you will be given Airtel MiFi/Router for free plus more data and validity date extension. Visit the nearest Airtel Shop to enjoy these unbeatable offers.

Glo Nigeria
If the Glo network is good and fast in your location or you are still part of their data lover and enjoying their services, I will show you how you get 200% Data Bonus!
With N500 you can get 3.2GB while 7.2GB will cost you just N1000 and 24GB for N3000.
First of all, make sure your Glo line is within the range of 100% data offer i.e by topping up your data balance before it expire or 3 days after it expires you'll get 3.2GB for N1000 instead of 1.6GB. All Glo subscribers can enjoy the offer, both new and existing customers are eligible.

Once you are sure that you are qualified, follow the below steps.
  • All you have to do is to log on to their website:, create a new account if you don't already have
  • Ignore every other notification message telling you to install the quick teller app, just head straight to the web version of the site
  • Click on data and choose Glo data bundle
  • Choose your preferred data plan>>enter your glo mobile number and confirm your order
  • Fill in your ATM details and you should get an OTP from your bank.
  • Once your payment is complete, your glo data will be sent, visit anytime or dial *127*0# to view your GLO data and its expiration date.
Purchase any Glo data plan of your choice with the above method and you will receive 100% data bonus, courtesy of Quickteller plus 100% data bonus you received from topping up your data balance from Glo, making a total of 200% data bonus. Enjoy!

9Mobile Nigeria
Let me start here with 9Mobile Night and Weekend Data Plan that offer 2GB for N1000 and 5GB for N2000 with Free 24/7 WhatsApp data bonus. Those people who are spending most of their time on the internet or who likely consume 8GB data or more per month, can combine this 9Mobile night and weekend data plan with Airtel special priviledge offer or the 100% data bonus that is currently ongoing on Airtel network.

9Mobile will act as the backup for Airtel, but you must be ready to spend at least N3,000 per month on data before this can be profitable to you. This combination will save you from frustration while not breaking your pocket.

1. 9Mobile Night and Weekend Data Plans
  • N1,000 for 2GB of data to browse the web and download from 7PM to 6.59AM weekdays for 30 days. Dial *229*3*12# to subscribe. This plan also works 24 hrs on weekends. 
  • N2,000, for 5GB of data to browse the internet and download from 7PM to 6.59AM weekdays for 30 days. Dial *229*3*13# to subscribe. This plan also works 24 hrs on weekends and includes 100MB extra data which allows you access Whatsapp 24hrs a day (weekdays and weekends).
2. 9Mobile Free YouTube Streaming With Any Browser: As we know, 9mobile is offering free night data for YouTube streaming from the hours of 1AM-5AM to customers who purchase a data bundle on 9mobile. If you subscribe to any 9Mobile data bundle, you'll be given free night data capped at 2GB data to stream via YouTube from 1am-5am, for 30days.

It seems the 9mobile YouTube free 2GB daily is no longer works for 500 naira monthly plan. It is better for you to subscribe to 1000 naira data plan or above, if you really want to benefit from the free Youtube free night data. The good news is, you can also download with it using AnonyTun VPN.

3. 9Mobile Unlimited Download For 2 hours: If you have large files to download, instead of using the Night Plan, the 9Mobile Unlimited Browsing for N400 is very okay, though the plan was designed only to stream videos on YouTube for 2 hours, but by the power vested in AnonyTun VPN, you will be able to browse and download anything you like.

MTN Nigeria
For now, I can't recommend MTN Data Plans for you guys, because MTN is no longer given consumers value for their money in terms of data calculation and consumption.

For those who still need it, you can go for the double data offer. With it, you can get 3GB for N1000, 20GB for N5000, 40GB for N10,000.

Remember, TStv is coming with  free 20GB data + Decoder that comes with wifi, 500GB hard disk and all going for Just N5000? We really have interest in that 20GB!
Few hours left and every Nigerian is anxiously waiting for October 1st, not because 9ja is gonna be 1 year plus, but TStv wanna redefine satellite tv in Nigeria.