Steps to getting started with Bitconnect:

Steps to getting started with Bitconnect:


1) Click the Here " To Get Started"   

or follow this link :

2) Once registered and you have verified your account via email, on the Bitconnect dashboard click on the green Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) button.

3) Copy the Address then go to your bitcoin wallet (If you don't have one see Coinbase below) and paste that Address and send any amount of bitcoin you want over $100 USD.

4) After your bitcoin deposit has been confirmed.  On the Menu click BCC EXCHANGE.

5) Go down where it says BUY BCC and click ALL then Buy BITCONNECT COIN.


Once you have BCC coins you can now lend it out to start earning interest.


1) On the Menu click DASHBOARD

2) Click the blue Lend BitConnect button.

3) Type in the amount in Dollars you want to lend to the nearest $10.  Don't include any . or cents.

4) Check the "I read the Terms of use" box and press the blue "Pay from Bitconnect wallet" button.

5) Confirm and that is it.


Each day you will see your Lending Wallet receive funds where you can either exchange out to BCC then to Bitcoin or you can wait until you have at least $10 and click on the Reinvest button.


If you have questions let me know at