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The revenue comes from the trading, specifically from security transactions and IPOs (accompanied by companies listed on the stock exchange).

As an investor, all you need to do is invest in one of the eight portfolios, listed on the home page. This investment, along with all of the other investments from members across the world is then traded highly qualified and experienced managers. This way, risk is minimised.

How does Questra World work with Trading Capital?

The trading capital works with simple principles – each investment portfolio by Questra (subdivided into colours) generates daily yield. The higher he invested usage, the higher the rate of return.

Where is Questra World located?

Questra World Headquarters is located in Murcia, Spain. If you like, you can pay them a visit!

As of 11th April 2013, Questra was registered in the British Virgin Islands. Originally known as Questra Holdings, the company has seen rapid growth and is now known as Questra World.

Legal information

Questra has been trading since 2009. In 2015 alone, the company’s investors have generated a profit of 231 140 899 euros.

Member support

The customer service team is excellent. They are responsive to all member questions and can be contacted by email:

Or by calling +34 910 840 308.

What investments portfolios are available and how much do they earn?

In Questra World, can you purchase various investment portfolios:

White – €90 – weekly payout: 4%
Yellow – €270 – weekly dividend: 4.2%
Green – €810 – weekly payout: 4.6%
Blue – €2430 – weekly payout: 5%
Red – €7290 – weekly payout: 5.2%
Black – €21870 – weekly payout: 6%
Standard – 90-€9990 – weekly payout: 6%

What do I do after I purchase a package?

Here’s the incredible news, you don’t have to do ANYTHING. Your investment portfolio gets automatically added to your Questra World account and so you just need to get on with living your life and look forward to Friday, when you’ll receive the weekly payout on your investment.

How long does an investment portfolio last?

An investment portfolio lasts for a full 365 days. The income you receive can either be withdrawn, or you can choose to invest it in a new portfolio.

When will I receive my Questra profit?

Questra World pays out on time, like clockwork every Friday night.

How much do I need to get started?

You can start with as little as €90.

This is incredible, I would like to recommend Questra World to my friends. How does it work?

Please do spread the word! We want as many people as possible to learn about this business. Just make sure you don’t advertise that people simply make money with Questra World. It is an investment opportunity and only those who have acquired at least one investment portfolio will receive their weekly payouts.

Anyone who would like to receive additional revenue can join our incredible Marketing Plan. What are the benefits?

1. You’ll get commission on ALL sales of your direct partners. This depends on your level in the career plan. You will receive from 5% to 15%. For example: you get 5% as a beginner (newcomer), then when you’re a silver agent you will receive 9% on each package purchased by your direct partner.

2. Career progression. Where you are at in the Career Plan depends upon the sales volume you have built up in your structure. From a sales volume of €25,000 (Silver Agent) you will receive a one-time bonus at each career stage. For example, Silver Agent is €1,000 and Platinum Agent is €5,000.

3. Agents Profit. You’ll receive commissions not only for the first stage, but also for those that follow, there is the also the Agents Commissions, Profit, the amount of which is composed of the difference at each level.

What are the payment methods?

Current methods of payment are bank transfer, OkPay, Perfect Money and ePayments.