How to Upload Photos on Instagram from PC Browser ?

How to Upload Photos on Instagram from PC Browser ?

Instagram is the most popular Social platform for photography nowadays. Post or Upload Photos on Instagram from PC Browser is the biggest challenge for every Insta lovers. If you facing the same, don't worry about it. You can now upload photos on instagram from PC Browser without any external tool

Instagram is a Social Networking app made for sharing Photos and Videos. Like Facebook, It also has a website but the worst this is that you cannot upload photos from PC to Instagram. However, you can access some features like you can see other's News feed, you can like, comment on photos etc. but you can,t post or upload anything from your PC Browser.

upload photos from pc on instagram

 How to Post/Upload Photos on Instagram from PC Browser ?

To use instagram on your PC Browser you need to have the access of Mobile Site on your Desktop browser. So, we have to use a trick to open the mobile site in PC browser. This can be done by using an extension or without extension, by using Inspect Element. I will explain the both these methods to post/upload photos on Instagram from PC browser.


Method 1 : By Using Chrome Extension

1) Just Click on the below button to Add User Agent Switcher extension from Chrome Web Store.

2) Allow the permissions and add the extension to your browser.

3) After installing the extension, login to your instagram account.

4) Now, click on the Chrome UA Spoofer icon from the top-right of the address bar.

use instagram from pc

5) You will get the option to select the browser, select "Android > Android KitKat"

6) Now the page will be refreshed and you will get all the options of the Instagram mobile site.

instagram for pc browser

7) Now, you can post/upload photos to instagram using your PC browser. You can use the same method if you using firefox browser. Don't want to use the extension ? No problem mate, here is the solution to use instagram in PC browser without any extension.

Don't want to use the extension ? No problem mate, here is the solution to use instagram in PC browser without any extension.


Method 2 : Using Inspect Elements

The another method will be executed by tricking the Browser's Inspect element feature. This feature is available in almost all web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Let's see you can use this amazing trick to post photos on Instagram from PC Browser.

1) Open your Instagram account in your Desktop Browser.

2) Right click on the page to get the page options.

3) Now, click on Inspect option. I am using Chrome Browser for this purpose. This option may be found differently in any other browser.

upload photos on instagram from computer

4) After that, click on the "Toogle device toolbar" icon from the dialog box to Switch to the mobile site.

post on instagram from pc browser

5) That's all… Your mission is completed. You will get the options like the mobile site to post/upload photos and videos. You can enjoy all the features Instagram's mobile site on your PC Browser.

These are the ways to Post/Upload Photos on Instagram from PC Browser. I hope you understand this article well. If you have any queries related to this, drop me a comment below. Also, share this article with Insta lover friends.