How to Unfriend All Facebook Friends in One Click ?

How to Unfriend All Facebook Friends in One Click ?

Undoubtedly, Facebook is the biggest Social Media of Today's World. When we start Facebook, Firstly we like to make new friends. But after some time we feel that we made the friends that we actually don't need. So, the thought to unfriend all Facebook friends comes in our mind. But, If we unfriend all the Facebook friends one by one then it takes lots of time. So, here is the quickest solution to unfriend all inactive and unknown friends just by one click.

unfriend all facebook friends

Facebook is the most loving Social Media platform where we can post status, photos, chat with different people, like, share and make comments on anyone's posts. These features of Facebook makes us crazy and that's the reason we're addicted to it. Many people make lot's of Friends by sending and accepting friend requests. They also make more friends for getting more likes and comments on their photos. If you have 5000 friends on Facebook, you can easily get more likes and comments on your posts. Sometimes, we have lots of friends but we can't get more likes. This is because some friends have stopped using Facebook and they are still in your friend list. So, you should unfriend all Facebook friends who are inactive and then start making the new friends. Als, read our article How to Delete all Facebook Messages in One Click ?

How to Unfriend All Facebook Friends in One Click ?

If you decided to unfriend all Facebook friends, you must follow this guide to save you lots of time. You can easily use this trick on Laptop or Computer using your browser. So, you can quickly unfriend all Facebook friends by using this guide.  

1) First of all, you need to add Toolkit for Facebook extension to your Chrome browser.

2) After clicking "Add to Chrome Button", allow the permissions to add the extension in your browser.

3) Now, Login to your Facebook Account.

4) After that, Launch the "Toolkit for Facebook" extension from the top-right corner.

5) Then goto the Removal Tools tab and click on "Unfriend All Facebook Friends" button.

remove all facebook friends in single click

6) Now, you will get a dialog box. Just click on Unfriend All Friends.

unfriend all friends on facebook

7) After that, you will get a confirmation box, click OK. Again confirm that you want to unfriend all Facebook friends.

facebook all friends remover

8) On next step, you will be asked to verify captcha. Solve it.

facebook unfriend all friends

9) That's all. Your all friends will start getting removed from your friends. Within few minutes your friend list will be cleared.

So friends, By this way you can remove your friends easily. Have you unfriend all Facebook friends in one click, let me know in comments. I hope you liked this post, please share on Facebook with your friends.