How to Delete all Facebook Messages in One Click ?

How to Delete all Facebook Messages in One Click ?

In this guide, I will tell you how can you delete all facebook messages at once.  This trick is totally free and very simple to use and can be used by everyone of any age group. So, let's see how it works and what you need ?

Facebook is the biggest Social Media platform where we make lots of new friends daily. We can share our thoughts, activities, photos as well as chat with friends on facebook. That's why Facebook is becoming addictive to every person. The main reason for maximum users of Facebook is that we can chat with our new and old friends. Facebook is working hard to provide lots of features to their users. In the past years, Facebook has developed many interesting features like Free Voice Calling, Video Calling, Live Video etc. People enjoy chatting with friends but the problem occurs when we want to delete all facebook messages. We need to delete the messages one by one that is the most irritating.

But, In this article, We will discuss the easiest way to delete all facebook messages at once. You don't need any special software or tool for using this method. Only you need Google Chrome browser on your PC and install a chrome extension. So, let's forward to the steps to delete all facebook messages in a single click.  

How to Delete All Facebook Messages at Once ?

1) First of all, you need to Install Message Cleaner chrome extension in your web browser to easily delete all facebook messages.

2) Add the chrome extension using the below button.

3) After installing the extension in your browser, proceed to the next instructions.

4) Log in to your facebook account in which you want to delete the messages.

5) Now open the messages and you will find all your recent and old conversations.

6) Click on the"Cleaner" icon visible on the top side of the URL address bar.

delete all messages on facebook

7) After that, Click on the Delete All Messages button.

8) Wait some time and do not click anywhere in the browser. Your messages will be deleted within few seconds.

delete all facebook messages one click

 9) That's all… You have now successfully completed the process to delete all facebook messages within few clicks.

Final Words : This is the simplest guide to delete all facebook messages without wasting your time. I hope you found this Article helpful. Keep visiting for latest Tips and Tricks.