How to Check Own Mobile Number (All Operators)

In this article, you will get Latest USSD Codes to Check Own Mobile Number of All Operators like Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Telenor, Tata Docomo, Reliance JIO, Videocon and all other networks. You can easily know your mobile number just by dialing the codes given below. So, if you are searching for How Can I know my own mobile number, then you are at right place. Here, we have added the USSD codes for all operators which you need to simply dial and you will get your mobile number on your screen.

Whenever we get a new sim card, we get the details related to our Sim card like active plan details, validity including our mobile no. etc. In this way, we get our mobile number from it. But unfortunately, sometimes we forget or lost our mobile number. In this situation we need to know our own mobile number. If you have sufficient balance in your mobile, you can easily check own number by placing a call to another mobile. But, if you have 0 balance in your sim card, you need to dial the Ussd Codes given below to Know your own Mobile number.

 Check Own Mobile Number

Every mobile operator have their USSD Codes to check account balance, take loan, share balance etc. Here you will get the Ussd Code to check mobile number of any operator. Mostly People are Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel, Telenor, Docomo, Reliance GSM, Reliance Jio, users. So, I am providing you here the list of all Mobile Number Check Codes for these all operators. Here is the list of Know Own Number USSD Codes for all networks.

USSD Codes to Know Own Number for Any Operator

Here, I am going to add the Mobile Number Check USSD Codes for All Operators one by one. Just open the dialer of your phone and enter these codes given below. These codes are working for all mobile sim cards. Don't worry if you have any problem, just leave a comment below.

How to Check Own Mobile Number (All Operators)

If you have sim card with 0 balance in it. At that time, you get the problem to know your own number. You can not place call and you can't also recharge your mobile without knowing your number. The easiest way to find your mobile number is by dialing Ussd codes from your sim card. Whenever you need to know your mobile number, just open your dialer and enter the Ussd codes given. You will get your mobile number in reply on your screen. You don't need any charges or extra tool to know your number.  So, you don't need to worry if you have forgotten your mobile number. Check the USSD Codes for your operator from the below section and Check Own Mobile Number quickly.

Know Own Airtel Mobile Number USSD Code 

If you are searching for the Airtel Number Check Ussd Code, then just dial the ussd code for airtel given below.  You can try any one of these Airtel Number Check Code which you want. You will get your airtel phone number instantly on your screen after dialing the below codes.

Check Own Airtel Number

  • *121*9#
  • *1#
  • *282#
  • *141*123#
  • *140*1600#
  • 400*2*1*10#
  • *140*175#

How to Check Own Aircel Mobile Number ?

If you want to know your aircel number, just dial the Aircel USSD Codes from the below. To check own Number for Aircel, you need to follow the below procedure. I have shared the working aircel number code below. Just choose any one of them and dial from your Aircel Sim Card. You will get your mobile number instantly.

Find Own Number in Aircel

  • *1#
  • *888#
  • *131#
  • *234*4#
  • *122*131#

Find Own BSNL Number/BSNL Number Check USSD Code

BSNL also comes with its check own number service for its users. The users can easily know own BSNL number just by dialing the Number Check USSD Codes. So, if you are BSNL user and searching for the way to know own BSNL mobile number, just dial the USSD codes for BSNL provided below.

Check Own Number in BSNL

  • *1#
  • *99#
  • *222#

Vodafone Own Number Check USSD Code

Vodafone allow their users to know their own Vodafone number just by dialing a simple code. If you are Vodafone user, then you can easily check own mobile number of Vodafone by using the Number check USSD codes given below.

Know Own Number in Vodafone

  • *111*2#
  • *555#
  • *555*0#
  • *777*0#
  • *131*0#

How to Know Idea Mobile Number (My Own Idea Number)

If you are using Idea Sim in your mobile phone and wank to check own Idea number, you can get your number by dialing the provided Idea USSD Code from your mobile phone. These are some of the best working USSD Codes for Idea to Check Idea Mobile Number.

My Own Idea Number

  • *1#
  • *147#
  • *789#
  • *100#
  • *131*1#

Telenor Mobile Number Check USSD Code

If you have forgotten your Telenor Phone Number and want to Know Own Telenor Number, just checkout the below Telenor Number Check USSD Code. You will surely able to find your Telenor Mobile Number after dialing any of these USSD Codes.

own telenor number ussd codes

  • *1#
  • *222*4#

Know your Jio Mobile Number/Jio Own Number Check USSD Code

Most of the People are using Jio Sim nowadays. If you are also one of them and don't know your Jio Number, here is the working Jio Number Check USSD Code. After apply the USSD Code, you'll get your Jio number on your screen as a flash message.

Check Own Number in JIO

  • *1#

How to Check your Tata Docomo Mobile Number ?

It is possible to Find Tata Docomo Number very quickly. Tata Docomo have a USSD Code to Check Own Mobile Number. Checkout below the Own number check code for Tata Docomo.

Find your number in Docomo

  • *1#

Find your Own Reliance Mobile Number

To get your own Reliance number, just check the USSD Codes for Reliance. You can simply find your Reliance number when you dial the USSD Code.

Know Own Reliance Number

  • *1#
  • *111#

How to Check your Videocon Mobile Number ?

Here is How can you check your own Videocon Mobile number. The Ussd code shared below can be used to check own mobile number of Videocon.

Videocon Number Check Codes

  • *1#

Alternate Method to Check Own Mobile Number without USSD Codes

If you don't want to Know your mobile number through the USSD Code or In case you are facing any problem in dialing the USSD code mentioned above. Don't worry mate, here is another option for you to easily get mobile number without any problem.

If you have sufficient balance in your Sim card to atleast make a phone call, you can easily Find your mobile number by placing a call. To know your Mobile number, just call to any other number, or your friends and relative and you will get your mobile number from their mobile number. However, yoy don't need to make any call if you are using the provided USSD Codes above.


This was the easiest guide to Know Own Mobile Number on any operator like Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Aircel, Telenor, Vodafone, Reliance, Jio, Tata Docomo, Videocon etc. This was the easy method to Find your mobile number if you forgot or lost it. The USSD Codes to Check Own Number provided in this post are 100% working and most of them are personally tested by me. If you are facing any type of problem, just ask in the comments section. I hope these USSD Codes to Check Own Mobile Number worked for you.