Bitconnect investing misinformation - before I wised up: What you must know about your bitconnect investment.

Bitconnect investing misinformation - before I wised up: What you must know about your bitconnect investment.

![bitconect first buy.jpg

This is a screen shot of my Bitconnect account home page. It shows my first few transactions before I wised up.
736.83 BCC at $0.19
1,000.00 BCC at $0.25
$390.00 total.

![Lending image 2.jpg
I got twenty bucks interest . . . so I was going in!
1479 BCC at $0.73
$1,080 dollars total.
some reinvesting latter of 35.13 BCC and I have a total of 3,250 BCC.
Worth at todays price of 11.66 a wopping
$37,895. and some change.
This total amounted to having spent $1,500 dollars.

What a Deal!
And lending those 3,250 BCC has earned me over $842.00 in just over a couple of months.
Biconnect lending image 1 for

Not bad . . . not bad at all.

If this sounds like what you are being told right now on this site by our internet crypto-gurus then you need to stay for the big finish.


The big finish is in the big words of the small print.

bitconnect capital back.jpg

Something bothered me about the lending.

Long story short. I do not get my 3,250 BCC back. Because according to the lending contract: I only lent what they were worth; which is $1,500 at the time of lending.
It's right there in bold letters. Capital Back . . . Your money . . . not the coin!
I will only get $1,500 back at the end of the lending contract plus my interest.

I voice my objection to support may times . . . "Not fair! not Fair! Not Fair!" . . . I Cried.
They explained that I was getting investment returns that may exceed the rise in price and if the price of BCC fell.

--------------------------------------------Someone please prove me wrong!!----------------------------------------


Why do I bring this to your attention now? Why is my $35,000 mistake important to you?

Because you are being unintentionally mislead if you are told that your lending investment will also return to you your value in the number of coins at the time of lending.
And people are getting a commission on this false premise. I feel that I have a duty to share this information that I gathered the hard way. And I would also like to participate in a referral program with the people who now gain the knowledge I have instead of watching others gain by the perpetuation of inaccurate information.
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I think that BCC is a great investment if you know what you are doing.

know your playing field!

Now with that said. There has to be a choice . . . if the coins are at their zenith then it is smart to lend their value at a higher price than they will be worth latter, or if they still have room to rise in value then buy and hold.
So if you want to invest in BCC and I still do -- I was quick enough to buy a few thousand before they broke over $1.00 (whew)
Please use this link. 

There will be more posts on Cryptocurrency because I see a need to inform with researched information.