Why You Should Not Hack Hybrid Sim Slot

These days every new phone comes with hybrid sim slot. In which you have only two choices whether you can use two sim or you can use one sim with sd card. We all has a habit of using dual sim phone but at the same time, we also want to use sd card also to expand our storage.

Now people has invented the latest trick you can also call it hybrid sim slot hack. This trick suggests you remove the sim chip and stick it onto the memory card. So then you can use both sim and sd card simultaneously.

When this trick was shown first time on youtube people were calling it fake. But as some people has succeeded in this trick they also suggest other people use this trick and enjoy dual sim with sd card. But if you don't know there are some risk in this trick.

You might think what will be the risk? Only SIM which we can get again even if the procedure goes wrong. So you are almost right but it is the smallest risk. Let me tell you the bigger risk in detail.

Hybrid sim slot stuck/jam

We all want the slim phone in our hand so hybrid sim slot is the creation of this need. So when your phone is slim and sim slot has very less space to work with. Then you stick sim chip on sd card which increases the thickness of it.

When they develop phone they even try to reduce one mm thickness to give you slim device. So in some phones, even those tiny chip which you stick on sd card will become the cause of hybrid sim slot stuck/jam.

In this case, you will try to pull out the tray. This process will give scratches to your phone or even you might break the hybrid sim slot. In this case, you will void the warranty.

Loss of contacts

Suppose you forgot to back up the important contacts from your sim. You can mess with your sim chip and then you will lose all the contacts. I know almost everyone does this mistake because they think they will succeed. But the reality is from 10 people only 4 get success in this trick.

You can damage your chipset while pulling the sim tray you can damage your sim socket and in this case, your both sim and sd card will stop working. That's not the end you won't even get any repair from the service center. Because you have voided the warranty by physically damaging the phone.

Chances of losing warranty

Most of us think opening a phone is normal but if you open the phone then you actually had void the warranty.

Sim Damage

Though you can get another sim with the same number. But time is money it will take your precious time.

Maybe your phone doesn't support it

Some phone doesn't support dual sim at the same time. So, in this case, you are wasting your time and taking the risk. In this case, you will surely lose your sim and sim contact.

So these are the risk which you will take while trying to use 2 sim and 1 sd card simultaneously. If you are ready to take these risks then you are good to go and try this trick.