What Is Xposed Framework And How To Use It


IFyou've ever heard that the best thing about Android is your endless personalization possibilities. There's almost nothing you cannot change about it, not only to change their appearance but also to add more functions.

What is Xposed Framework?

Xposed Framework is a framework for your rooted Android with endless possibilities.Xposed Framework allows us to extend the functions of our smartphone by installing comfortable packages, just like any other application.

The only requirement for using Xposed is that you need to be root on the device, since the framework modifies parts of your system so that it can work.

With Xposed Framework you can install Xposed Modules (modules) with extra functions for your system. Xposed Framework makes it a lot easier to customize/mod your phone. Not only can you change the looks of your Android phone, but also increase its performance and tweak system level functionality with Xposed Framework. For example, there is a module with some of the functions of Android N or to modify the system shutdown and restart directly to the recovery.


Xposed Framework Operation

Xposed is a framework alone does nothing, but it paves the way for being able to install extra functions with its modules on the rooted devices. Once installed you can search for modules from the Xposed Installer application, install them and activate them. Most need a reboot to make it work. To uninstall the modules is exactly the same as any application.

Unlike the cooked ROMs, which change the full firmware of our smartphone, with Xposed you can add functions to the stock software that the manufacturer put in our device. On the other hand Xposed has modules that work with almost all ROMs and versions of Android above 4.0.3. You must be careful and make sure that the modules that you installed are compatible with the Android version of our device.

How to install Xposed Framework

To install Xposed Framework the first step as we have already mentioned is to have the device rooted. Now you must make sure the version of Android running on your smartphone, since there are two versions of Xposed one for Kitkat or lower and another for Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Install Xposed Framework in Nougat

Unfortunately it is still not possible. Rovo, developer of Xposed, as advertised in his XDA post, he is still working on a module installer for Nougat. Due to the profound changes of the system that brings this version, adjust everything again to be able to use the best that introduces Nougat is being more complicated version and the developer does not have much time. So we'll have to wait.

Install Xposed Framework on Lollipop and Marshmallow

With Lollipop, the security protocol of the system changed and has made the installation of Xposed complicated a little more. You will need two things APK of Xposed installer for Lollipop / Marshmallow and a ZIP file with the framework to flash from recovery. You can download these two files from this thread in XDA.

The order does not influence but you must install the two files. Once the framework and the application are installed, open Xposed Installer to start testing modules.


Install Xposed Framework on Kitkat or below

If you still have KitKat, the thing is quite simple. Just download the APK file directly from the official Xposed page. Install and open the application. Choose the 'Framework' section and click on Install / Update to install the framework on the system. Give superuser permissions. The device will reboot and you are ready to download and install modules.

What Is Xposed Framework And How To Use It

How to Install Xposed Modules (Modules)

We have everything ready. It is time to open Xposed Installer and test modules. To find modules we must enter Xposed Installer> Modules , here you can search for modules.Choose one and enter the description, with swipe to the left will appear the versions.Click on download in the last and when you finish install the module. Go back to 'Modules' and activate the module you just installed and restart or in the notification that you just received, click Activate and restart .

What Is Xposed Framework And How To Use It

There are hundreds of modules to modify the functions of your system and you can also search through the Xposed website which has the entire repository.