HUB8.COM : Why Every Nigerian Business Should Use This FREE Hosting Platform

Finding a web hosting platform that is both pocket friendly and at the same time reliable to host your web content to the world for most Nigerians, has often been a hassle. It happens to be most times that these webhosts would readily grab your money and render services that won’t give you value for the money. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore with the launch of Hub8 in Nigeria.
Hub8 Free Hosting
HUB8, which is an affordable, feature rich webhosting and domain registering Service Company has a different approach to the hosting business in Nigeria as they have introduced a FREE HOSTING plan which is accessible to Nigerian bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to launch to the world-wide web and obviously are on a budget. They even have a dedicated website for their Nigerian customers so as to easily access these features.

Here are features Hub8 hosting bags to mention but a few.

1. Free Hosting

As much as I hate to hear the word free when it comes to web hosting because of the hidden terms and clauses most web hosting companies would attach to the condition (if there’s even any reliable web-host currently offering this in Nigeria), the term comes as is said. You get to host your blog or web content all for free on their SSD servers. Of course, you would have to upgrade to their paid options, which are obviously affordable once your business begins to grow.
One might wonder for how long they can use the free option. Here’s a quote from Hub8’s website.
“Forever! With no ads or banners. We strive to grow your business. With time, if you need more efficient hosting you can switch to any of our paid plans.”
This is an opportunity for most Nigerian startups to maximize the online sphere.

2. Affordable Domains

Ever wanted to own a domain name for your business in Nigeria? Well, here is that perfect opportunity. Domains with Hub8 start as low as N346/year. Yeah, you read that right. For as low as that amount, you can own your very own TLD. You get the option to pick from about 510 domain zones.

3. Free Data Backups

Most other hosting companies would only offer you data backups when you make use of only their paid options. Well, that’s not the case here as you get free SSD backups of your data once you are in use of any of their services including the FREE HOSTING. You definitely can’t get such an offer elsewhere.

4. Payment Options

Making payments for say the domains you purchase or even an upgrade to your hosting has never been this seamless. You get the option to make payments from the comfort of home with payments options ranging through VISA, MasterCards and Verve cards from all major banks in Nigeria.
Other interesting facts you might want to know include the fact that you get the standard cPanel to manage both files and one click installations for your CMSs. You get to make use of the free website builder made readily available to customers and lots more. All these features packed into one makes Hub8 a must for every Nigerian business.
What are you waiting for? Head over to Hub8 Nigeria and grab this offer. You stand nothing to lose since it’s free.