How to Download 2go Mobile Chat Application and Start Chatting


   On the 2nd of May, 2012. 2go announced that it has reached 20 million users and Thousands of people from all over the world register on 2go's network each day. This is one of the evidence that The 2go Chat network is getting so popular and being used by many people each day and another thing you have to know is that 2go is one of the fastest growing IM & chat app in Nigeria. So keep your heads up and keep reading this post in order to see why you need to be on the 2go network and How to download the 2go chat application.
Detailed Information about 2go
   2go is a chat and Instant messaging application, It enables users to chat on their mobile phone free of charge and You can also meet & add other 2go users as a friend with the application. 2go also features  chat rooms on different topics where you can join and socialize with other users. You can also activate 2go's gateways which enables you to chat with your friends on GoogleTalk, Mxit, and Facebook.

   2go is available for lots of low-memory mobile phones and it can run on any Java enabled mobile phone be it Nokia, Blackberry, LG, Sony Ericsson, Tecno or Samsung. 2go is also available for PC users, Make sure you stay tunedto this blog in order to see my future post on how to use 2go on PC.


How to download the 2go chat application
   Visit the 2go website - on your mobile phone browser then Choose your countrye.g. Nigeria. Click on the download 2go link, enter your mobile phone number and press Go. Fill out the form with your preferred username e.g. Aywhy93 and other required information then send.

   2go will now attempt to automatically detect your mobile phone model, If the auto detection is successful your 2go chat app will begin to download. If auto detection fails, 2go will give you the option to select your mobile phone model manually. Click on Select another phone and manually look for your mobile phone model. If you find the model of your mobile phone, click on the link to begin your free 2go chat app download.

   After the free download, the installation begins automatically. After the installation, launch your 2go chat app to meet your friends. You will be alerted of some messages, read those messages; they will prepare you to use the 2go chat. Now that you have 2go, you can now do a number of things. You can improve your 2go profile by adding a photo and more details. You can also start a chat with a friend or even visit any of the 2go chat rooms to meet other 2go users and make new friends.Since you have now installed the 2go app, you may also feel like adding me up or sharing some important information with me on 2go, here is my username to add me – Aywhy93

NOTE: If you are using an Android Smartphone, you can download 2go on your Android Smartphone Here. You can also download, install and chat with 2go on your Laptop or Desktop Computer by.