How Can Parents Benefit From Family Locator Apps

The increasing popularity of family locator apps has proven their importance. These apps are quite simple and easy to use. All you need is a GPS enabled smartphone to get updates about your child’s location. You can track location of all your loved ones to make sure they are safe.
Family locator apps have made it possible for parents to always ensure that their child is not hanging out at any dangerous place.
Benefits of Family Locator Apps
Here are to mention but a few benefits of family locator apps:

1. Safety

It is not easy to stay tension free when you have to take care of a teenager. Most teens feel tempted to go for an adventures. They like to head towards dangerous places with their friends without informing their parents.
Family locator apps provide the way of guaranteeing children’s safety. These apps help parents in keeping an eye on their reckless teen driver.

2. Peace of Mind

Digital family locator apps grant parental peace of mind. Once you download a family locator app, you feel less anxious about your child’s safety.

3. Accountability

When teenagers know that they are being monitored, they become careful of their activities. If you want your child to follow their curfew timings, install a family locator app. Monitoring apps encourage kids to adopt responsible behaviour.
One such app that is widely being used by parents is the FamilyTime app. FamilyTime is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to manage multiple devices at the same time. You can keep a check on all your family members using a single FamilyTime dashboard.

Features of FamilyTime Locator App

FamilyTime offers a number of features that include phone monitoring, location tracking and managing web behaviour of children.
FamilyTime Locator App
The FamilyTime app is a highly powerful tool to track the location of your loved ones. FamilyTime locator app offers some amazing features in terms of location tracking that are written as follows:

1. Geo-fence Notifications

FamilyTime comes with an advanced geo-fencing feature. The app allows you to geo-fence multiple places and send you instant alerts when your child enters or leaves geo-fenced places.

2. Location Tracking

FamilyTime tracker app provides you with the current location of your teen as well as location history of all the places they visit in a given time.

4. Emergency Alerts

FamilyTime allows kids to send instant alerts to their parents in case of any emergency. With the alert, parents receive complete location details of their kids so they can get there in time.
FamilyTime is a multifunctional app that keeps your child’ data protected and secure. Want to get advantage of the FamilyTime app? Go to Google play store or iTunes to download the app!