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It's easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic. As an expert, I will show you some of my smart tips I have used. Not all of the tactics will work for everyone, but at least some of these should be applicable and useful.

1. Use Your Email Connections
As a blogger, you're likely to be sending a lot of email out to others who use the web and have the power to help spread your work. Make sure you're not ignoring email as a channel, one-to-one though it may be. I find myself using blogging as a way to scalably answer questions - if I receive the same question many times, I'll try to make a blog post that answers it so I can simply link to that in the future.
2. Use Social networks:
Twitter has 271 million active users every month. Facebook has over 1 billion active users. Google+ has over 300 million. Together, these networks are attracting vast amounts of time and interest from Internet users around the world, meaning they're likely to help spread the word about your blog.
Leveraging these networks to attract traffic requires patience, study, attention to changes by the social sites and consideration in what content to share and how to do it. Following these steps:
  • If you haven't already, register a personal account and a brand account at each of the following
  • Fill out each of those profiles to the fullest possible extent - use photos, write compelling descriptions and make each one as useful and credible as possible
  • Promoting your account by using Sell Real Likes

It is top rated social media marketing company. I have used it to boost followers, which help me to gain strong social proof for my account. Instead of spending much time on some traditional way like using hashtags, posting at peak time, using ads, I just need to use Sell Real Likes to boost my account. It's even more effective than those ways. Moreover, it also provides me 100% Money-Back Guarantee if they're unable to deliver our services as promised, and a Retention Guarantee for the followers they deliver.
3. Conduct give-away events.
Create fun theme days such as "Free Book Fridays" where your readers can win a prize by submitting a comment or sharing your link via social media. You can provide prizes yourself or invite companies to donate or sponsor these promotions.

4. Invest in promotion.
If you believe your audience is spending time on Facebook, occasionally invest in sponsored posts. For as little as $10, you can "Boost" a post and increase its reach significantly.


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