Facebook to release colored comments background in new update

Facebook to release colored comments background in new update

Bear in mind the colored comments on Myspace? Fb is testing one other characteristic which is able to carry colored comments to your cell and desktop. Months in the past, Fb launched colored status updates and now it's bringing the identical color gradients to comments as well. Myspace additionally allowed customers to submit colorful comments within the early 2000s. We simply hope that Fb doesn't go in the identical direction as Myspace.

The characteristic is at present undergoing testing and only some customers are in a position to access it. Furthermore, the colored comments are restricted to cell phones for now. With this new characteristic, you'll be capable of choosing colors in your comments and so they'll look like this.

Facebook color comments

Nobody on the web, together with the large tech blogs, appears to love this characteristic. Fb has the habit of rolling out options which customers don't like at first however they get used to them ultimately.

 Folks additionally hated the colored status characteristic when it first arrived however now everyone seems to be simply used to it. Now we have to wait and see if the brand new colored comments characteristic goes wrong or folks get used to it as nicely.

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