Can I use my ALAT card abroad?


Can I use my ALAT card abroad?
Yes, you can. Click Card Control in the Cards menu, set the channels your card will work on and the country/countries where you will use it.

What are the fees charged for using my ALAT debit card?
As with regular banks, you are charged for payments made with your ALAT card. Web and POS payments are free and you are charged for ATM withdrawals only after the third withdrawal each month.

Whatever transaction you need to do, ALAT got you covered!

Holders of ALAT account have the opportunity of also enjoying a simple automated savings plan that will enable them to earn 10% annual interest (which is about 3 times the standard bank rate). Account holders can also schedule frequent transfers (for example, salaries or stipends to a loved one), and bills (for example, your DStv/Gotv subscriptions) and feel relaxed by taking your mind off it.

With the introduction of ALAT, WEMA Bank has offered Nigerians within the country and Diaspora, a bank that is designed to meet their needs. The digital bank service is expected to disrupt the banking landscape and it is driven by three pillars, namely; convenience, simplicity and reliability.

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