Buying the right 4G LTE Phones/Routers

Do you want to buy a 4G LTE phone or a 4G Router and you're not sure if it will work with your Network of choice? This thread is designed to help you out. Without going into the nitty gritty of what a 4G LTE network is, let's take a look at some popular 4G LTE internet service providers already working in the country and their corresponding bands.

GLO band 28 (700MHz)
ETISALAT band 3 (1800MHz)
MTN band 20 (800MHz) and Band 7 (2600MHz)
NTEL band 8 (900MHz) and Band 3 (1800MHz)
SPECTRANET band 40 (2300mhz)
SWIFT band 40 (2300mhz)
SMILE band 20 (800mhz)

Unlike 3G devices, there's hardly a 4G device that supports all the 4G bands, so you have to know the network you desire most and buy the corresponding device.
From my observation,
*most devices that support GLO 4G LTE also support NTEL and SPECTRANET if unlocked
*most devices supporting MTN 4G LTE also support ETISALAT 4G, NTEL and SMILE if unlocked

So if you want to buy a 4G device and you're not sure which one to buy or you already have one and want to know the bands it supports, just drop a comment below.
Also tell us your experience with the different networks, their speeds, coverage and subscription rates. This thread will be updated from time to time.

*Unlocking of 4G LTE routers coming soon....