Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Round Up: All Budgets & Styles


Damien takes a look at some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases on the market right now

With its gorgeous Infinity Display and svelte design, the Galaxy S8 is perhaps one of most beautiful smartphones of 2017 – and as usual, the first thing you'll want to do when you buy one is cover it all up in a protective case.
But which one do you opt for? Which one offers the best protection, while ensuring that the device still looks desirable to those around you?
That's where we come in – we've picked five excellent cases for you to ponder over.

Galaxy S8 LED View Cover

This is the big daddy; Samsung's official case with the fancy LED display which, when dormant, is entirely invisible on the front flap.
However, when you open and then close the case, the time flashes up briefly, and notifications are also broadcast in this fashion, too – that means you can see who's trying to get in touch without even opening up the case.
In terms of protection, it's a pretty sturdy offering, although we're not sure the material it's made out of will age all that well. It's also quite an expensive proposition, too.

Olixar X-Duo Premium Case

A combination of hard plastic and a rubber inner section, the X-Duo is a good option for those of you who crave protection but don't like the idea of bulking out that gorgeous handset.
The plastic frame prevents bumps and knocks around the edges, while the rubber section covers the back and the front edges, ensuring that the screen doesn't get scratched when it's laid face down on a table.

Urban Armor Gear Plasma Case

This rather odd-looking case is one for the heavy-duty crew out there. Each corner is protected by a thick rubberized section, while the transparent main body is eye-catching – if a little extreme.
The Galaxy S8's gorgeous curves and understated design are almost entirely lost when this case is fitted, but it's still a good middle ground between security and looks.

Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet Case

This is the bulkiest case in this roundup, and with good reason – not only does it clad your phone in thick leather, it has space for credit cards on the inside of the cover.
You can also use the case as a stand when watching movies and the like. It's certainly a functional option, but for many people it might just be a little too big.

Obliq Slim Meta Metallic Protective Case

Very similar to the Olixar X-Duo Premium Case, this offering has two sections – plastic and rubber – and doesn't add too much thickness to the phone.
The difference here is that the plastic section covers the whole of the back of the device, and while it looks like it's made of metal, it isn't.
The rubber section covers the front edges of the handset and prevents the screen from getting scratched. All in all it's a solid case, but that silver back might prove a little divisive for some users.
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