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Best Music Player Apps for Android

Most Android phones has one or two pre-installed app for music, but there are dozens of alternatives on the Google Play Store you can use instead. However we’ll share apps for casual listeners, die-hard audiophiles, and the best streaming services.

Those with Android devices have tons of flexibility instead of being stuck to iTunes. In fact, multiple apps deliver tons of features so you can get the most from your music.

Most users stick to the app that comes pre-installed on their phone like Google Music app. However, many alternatives from the Google Play Store are much better. Google Play Music has iTunes transfers and cloud streaming. VLC is very robust and widely used for audio and video. Additionally, PowerAmp is the go-to music player for millions of users.

Best Music Player Apps for Android

    Google Play Music
    Boom Player

Considering there are so many apps on the Google Play Store we had to choose some of our favorites. Most of our apps have all the features one would want starting from the basic local playback, equalizer controls, iTunes transfers and more.

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