5 Super Tips on How To Make Money Gaming Online

Gaming has been considered by lots of people as an absolute waste of time or rather something only lazy and jobless people would indulge in. As much as I would love to agree with you, it’s a pity I no longer have that view to gaming as with every passion, you can turn it into an income stream.
You can now easily make money playing games, though you might think it should be quite different from the traditional video games (Sony PlayStations or Xbox) you rock at home, it’s basically same principle and there are sites like bettingtop10 that would give you a chance to earn money online.
How To Make Money Online Gaming
In this article, I would let you into how to make money online gaming.

1. Gaming Guides

The internet gives you the opportunity to learn as well as teach a huge reach of people and seizing this opportunity is one way to make money gaming online. Is there a level in a video game which people find difficult to pass and it comes by easy to you to make it cross? Yeah, you can set up a video of how you made that happen while they pay you to learn. People are willing to pay for what gives them pleasure.
  •  2. Setup Game Streams
Sure, you are an amazing gamer, why not set up a game stream and show off to the world how amazing you are, probably commentating while you play. Obviously, the money wouldn’t start rolling in till you garner a descent base audience, but you you’d start making money off displaying ads to your viewers and more so you can get contacted by gaming companies to show off their latest game.

3. Keep a Web Log of the Gaming Sphere

You are into gaming a great deal and know every recent happening in the niche, why not start a blog or YouTube channel where you review games and even contact top gamers for interviews. Your fellow gamers would definitely love to see and hear what you have to say about games and in turn add up to the traffic viewing ads on your blog. This takes us to the next point.

4. Affiliate on Gaming Products

Let’s say you started a blog, do you know you can make money off recommending products to gamers reading your blog? You review a gaming product, have people use your affiliate link to buy the product and you get commission from the merchant site.
  •  5. Make Money Testing Games
Every game has this phase where after development, the developers are in search of good gamers to try it out and let them know what they think before releasing it to the market. You could get in touch with some of these companies and get paid to test out new games. Not only are you enjoying the privilege of being among the first people to test the game, you also get paid. Website such PlayTestCloud is amongst a few of sites to start out with.
Have you been sitting all day playing that video game at home without a dime, well, get off that sit and start making money with your passion.
Do you think we missed out on any points? Do let us know what you think in the comment section below.
Happy Gaming!