The Nokia 8 will get a bigger brother dubbed the Nokia 9 - Nokia 9 Release STILL Happening; It's a Phablet Version of Nokia 8 (check it out like i comment and share )

 There has, quite frankly, been a ton of confusion over the Nokia Android flagship leak and rumour trail. Of course, now that the Nokia 8 has been officially launched we know what we're dealing with.

However, for a long while there were rumours of both a Nokia 8 and a Nokia 9, and the confusion was regarding whether they were the same device or separate. Towards the launch of the Nokia 8, it became apparent that it wasn't the Nokia 9, and details surrounding the Nokia 9 trailed off. There was some implication that the Nokia 9 moniker had just been an alternative to the Nokia 8, and that a distinct, separate device dubbed the Nokia 9 perhaps did not exist.
But now the Nokia 9 rumours have freshly re-emerged, according to details from a Russian websitethe Nokia 9 is real and is a larger spin-off of the Nokia 8. During the Nokia 8 launch, HMD reps did hint at a larger-screen phone in development which would allow the firm to "meet the needs of absolutely all users."
Some schematics were previously leaked via Nokia Power User, although again this was prior to the Nokia 8 reveal. They do show a larger looking device similar to the Nokia 8 and featuring a dual-camera setup on the rear, however, it has a bigger screen with no bezels, and the fingerprint scanner is on the back.

Again, we can only go on earlier rumours regarding the specs, which would have it with a similar setup to the Nokia 8; a Qualcomm S835 processor, 6GB/8GB RAM, 128GB storage, an iris scanner, IP68 certification, and probably the same Carl Zeiss dual-camera hardware. Naturally this bigger-screened edition will be pricier, the Nokia 8 RRP is €599 while the Nokia 9 is expected to be somewhere nearer €749.
There are no details at present on when it might launch, but our guess is inside the final quarter of 2017.