BBlog Viewer an Android Application


We use our smartphone for a lot of things. We watch videos, listen to music, play games, read some article and many more, or we can say smartphone makes our lives easier.

Playstore is having many useful apps that don't know how to stop pushing the wall for a better user experience. These applications number from hundredth of thousand per category or million by now, but only few application can win the heart of the crowd.

As a blogger we also become a reader; to read news and to learn something new base on our interest, that's why I created the BBlog Viewer. By using this android application (BBlog Viewer) you can now easily view your favorite blog posts on your android device without worrying about the responsiveness and loading speed of a blog. If you're in the area which internet speed is a problem, then you will not worry anymore because this app will load the content of the blog post as quickly as possible. 

BBlog Viewer is free, just download it in playstore and let me know if there is anything I must do to make the app better.

Download Now: BBlog Viewer Playstore Link