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Lefkofsky Talks About the Need for More Empathy

Lefkofsky Talks About the Need for More Empathy People who have success in the realm of business innovation, like Eric Lefkofsky, may ...

Free Ads Posting - The New Way of Marketing IN Africa

Free Ads Posting - The New Way of Marketing
THE trend of advertisement and marketing has undergone a massive change with the inception of online advertisement posting. With the world stepping ahead with the multiplicity of websites and portals, there is an immense opportunity for the marketers to go for digital marketing. The Nigeria has not lagged behind, and there are several websites that provide you with customised assistance in Free Ad Posting Nigeria.

Advantages of Online Ad Posting

1. Free of Cost:

Inline image 6

When it comes to free ad posting, there are several advantages that you can reap from the Free Nigeria Classified Sites.

There are several companies which look for manpower online, and there are free websites that connect the companies to their required talents. This helps in both the ways, as the people who are looking out for jobs find the Free Nigeria Classified Sites pocket-friendly and compatible in the economic sense of the term.

The companies who are on the hunt for talents in the Nigeria and abroad can find them easily from the grass root level. They need not arrange for corporate programs and job fairs, but manpower comes easily from these Free Ads Nigeria portals.

2. Quick Response:

Inline image 5

Unlike the traditional paper and pen method, Online Selling Sites Nigeria yields quick response when you post the ads. You may be selling a product or seeking a second-hand item, and people who are in need of these products are constantly on the hunt. These portals connect the buyers to the sellers, acting as an interface and optimising the needs.

3. Time Saving:

Inline image 4

You need no monitor your post all day through. If there is any response, you can check the emails some time later. The people can find your personal contacts through the phone number and email address that are provided along with the advertisement. So, it is a fast and easy way of communication.

4. Efficiency:

Inline image 7

When you count on Online Free Ads Nigeria, there are various websites that have powerful search engines. Just like Afrideals these search engines yield the desired results when you search for something. Absolute customization is all you find when you look for a particular product in the free ad posting websites.

5. Increased Business Potential:

Inline image 2

The greatest advantage of Online Free Classified Ad Posting is that you will be able to increase the business potentiality without personally visiting the customers. This is one of the greatest benefits that the internet marketing offers. People find increased potentiality in terms of finance and manpower when they count on the Online Classifieds Nigeria.

5. Unlimited Traffic:

Inline image 3

When you opt for Online Free Classified Ad Posting, there are no limitations on the traffic that is visiting the website. You need not own the website; the potentiality of the website is enough to attract unlimited traffic to the website. So, you gain the most, and most of the free classified posting sites are designed to keep a good rapport with the customers and buyers, through feedback systems and queries.

"So, this is one of the best benefits of the internet and has globalised the marketing strategies of various companies."


Afridealsonline is a website or platform, where you can post any type of an ad. Now post a free classified ad anywhere in the Nigeria. Browse through our site to find yourself a suitable job, home services, buyers and sellers for apartments for rent /sale, used cars, bikes, electronic goods, Pet and Animals and more.
You can Also create free Stores HERE and Sell all your products in One place 


3 Charging Mistakes That Are Killing Your Laptop & Mobile Battery


3 Charging Mistakes That Are Killing Your Laptop & Mobile Battery

Almost all of the gadgets and devices right from your phone, laptop to shavers and watches are powered by Lithium-ion batteries. However, many of us aren't aware of how to take good care of the batteries, especially in today's scenario where longevity of battery decides the lifespan of the device.

So, here is something you must read that will guide you about how to take better care of the batteries in your device and to extend the lifespan of the device:

Why Lithium-ion battery?

A lithium-ion battery uses lithium ions as a key component of its electrochemistry. These batteries are built using advanced technology and all your devices ranging from smartphones to Tesla on road, all are powered by Lithium-ion technology. There are huge benefits of Lithium-ion battery over other technologies as they charge faster and have a better longevity.

How Lithium-ion battery works?

Every battery consist of a positive electrode called "cathode", negative electrode called "anode" and an electrolyte in between that allows the flow of ions from one electrode to another. In the case of most Lithium-ion batteries, Lithium Cobalt Oxide is used as Cathode and while Graphite is used as the anode.

As per Clean Energy Institute, the University of Washington, the Lithium atoms move towards the anode while charging. While discharging the lithium atoms in the anode are ionised and separated from their electron. These electrons then flow through the circuit to the cathode and generate the electric current. The lithium ions move from the anode and reach the cathode through the electrolyte. There they recombine with their electrons and electrically neutralise. This process is repeated whenever the battery undergoes charging and discharging.

Here are some of the Mistakes that one must avoid:

Mistake No: 1 -Exposing the Battery to Heat

Heat has a negative impact on lithium-ion batteries. According to a Study by Feng Leng, Cher Ming Tan and Michael Pecht which was published in Nature states the temperature is known to have a significant impact on the performance, safety, and lifetime of lithium-ion batteries. As the phone battery gets warm, the chemical reaction inside the battery gets faster which may cause breakdown of the electrolytes.

As per Apple, a leading smartphone company says that batteries are designed to perform in an ideal comfort zone temperatures of 16° to 22° C. Exposing it to temperatures higher than 35° C can permanently damage capacity of the battery.

Mistake No: 2 - Waiting for the Battery Completely Discharge before Charging

When 100% of total capacity is used up, it completes one cycle. You might be surprised to know that each battery has a limited number of charge cycles (between 500 and 1,500) that denotes the lifespan of the battery. Waiting for your device's battery to completely die before charging does no good to the lifespan of the battery. One of the ways to extend the longevity of the battery is to charge them whenever you feel the battery capacity is low. To explain more precisely, "You know now that one charge cycle is completed when you use total 100% of your battery's capacity. but not necessarily all from one charge. For instance, you may have used 75% of your battery's capacity in a day. You recharge it fully overnight. In case you use 25% the next day, you will have discharged a total of 100%, and the two days will add up to one charge cycle. Thus, it could take several days to complete a cycle."

Mistake No: 3- Improper Storage of Devices

Many people feel that it is right to store your laptop's battery by completely exhausting it or by keeping it full. However, it is totally incorrect. Rather, it is always advised to store the battery half- charged. A fully discharged device could fall into a deep discharge state thus making it incapable of holding a charge. Further, a fully charged one may lose some capacity, leading to shorter battery life.

It is also recommended to store the device in a cool, moisture-free environment. Keeping a battery in a hot environment can damage it irreversibly.


How To Sell Second Hand Cars Online


Sell Second Hand Cars Online

If you are planning to sell used cars online then it is definitely a prudent decision. If you can access the right site for the auction then you will never regret the same.

Are you planning to sell your used car? Are you in a dilemma where to post an advertisement regarding the features and the offer to purchase your second-hand car? Are you anticipating the finest deal available in the market? If the answer to all these questions is YES then you are at the right place. The reason is simple! Here you will get informed about fetching the right deal with the second-hand cars for sale.

If you are planning to give an advertisement in the local newspaper then it is advisable not to go for the same. It is basically because it cannot fetch you the same advantage that you can attain out of the used cars for sale online. Yes, if your preference is to get the foremost deal in the used cars then looking for an authorised market over the Internet is a far better option. The Internet is certainly a very broad market than you actually think of it.

All you are required is to find a site where you can avail the benefit of a better auction. When you explore online then you will find that there are some very good sites available that can serve all your needs in a better way. You can list used cars online through one such trustworthy website like After enlisting the most credible websites to sell used cars online it is the time for you to enter all the necessary information in the specific segment. In order to attract the potential buyers, please be sure, to be honest with all the information and ensure all the details to be complete and transparent.

If you do have the second-hand cars for sale that can receive definite value in the local market then you can enlist yourself with the website which is specialised for the same. It is obvious that most of the people prefer to get a hassle free deal in the online market itself because it will automatically end up different kinds of formalities associated with the deal in the general market. These days, if you can successfully get linked with the authorised website to list used cars online then it is for sure that in the local market itself you will get the finest deal on your second-hand car(s).

If you wish to sell used cars online through the most reliable source available on the Internet then it is advisable to go for the services of 'Obs Ads'. Here you can easily find the classified registration of the used cars for sale online and receive the most deserving deal that you have ever dreamed of. This website is currently a very successful name in the market due to the friendliest support system and a strong base of the buyers in the market. For better advertising and selling of the second-hand cars, you will not find a better source in rest of the market.


Oukitel Smartphones You Can Get in Nigeria Right Now

Oukitel is a China-based mobile device manufacturer. The company received mobile phone license in 2008 in China and built its R&D centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen soon after. Oukitel sells devices in limited markets. The company is well known for consistently pushing very strong and affordable smartphones for the low-end market with big battery life into the Android market.

One of the key features while buying a new smartphone is its battery capacity. So, if you too looking for a 'big battery' smartphone, one that can last you an entire day with all that regular chatting, video chatting, video watching and social media updates then Oukitel Smartphone is highly recommended for you. Some manufacturer still celebrating 4,000, 5,000, 6,000mAh batteries, Oukitel is taking that to a whole new level.

The Oukitel K10000 Pro - which is also available on jumia Global– is currently the smartphone with the biggest battery unit, sporting a large 10,000mAh of battery capacity. It supports OTG function for reverse charge multi devices. If your friend needs power urgently, you can help her.

Oukitel specially designed an ID for K10000 Pro. It combines metal perfectly with qualified Australian calf leather, resulting a luxury, unique and honorable smartphone.
5 times tougher than normal! Oukitel K10000 Pro gains corning gorilla glass for the screen, offering great hardness to bear shocks and scratches.

K10000 Pro is the successor of K10000 released in 2015. Oukitel K10000 and K10000 Pro are still the "world's largest battery" (10,000mAh!). Great news for Nigerians who long to own one of the Oukitel devices, you can now purchase some of the Oukitel smartphones online in Nigeria through Jumia Nigeria.

The Oukitel smartphones that are also available on Jumia Nigeria includes:
  • Oukitel U22 (The world's First 4 Cameras Smartphone)
  • Oukitel K6000 Plus (The world's First 12V/2A Smartphone) 
  • Oukitel K10000 (World's largest battery capacity Smartphone)
  • Oukitel K10000 Pro (World's largest battery capacity Smartphone)
  • Oukitel K4000 Plus
  • Oukitel K6000 Pro
  • Oukitel U7 Max 
  • Oukitel U11 Plus
  • Oukitel U13
  • Oukitel U15
  • Oukitel U20 Plus
  • Oukitel C2
  • Oukitel C3
  • Oukitel C5 Pro
Outlined above are most of the Oukitel devices you can get at Jumia Nigeria right now, their price and specifications (a quick run through) will be highlighted.

With phone prices starting from as low as ₦18,000 and going all the way up to ₦70k, if you are shopping for a smartphone and you're on a budget (whether skin tight or very loose), you can be damn sure that there is an Oukitel device for you.
Here, some of their devices you can get in Nigeria today:

Oukitel U22
Oukitel U22 is the Oukitel's first smartphone that gains 4 Cameras with dual-lens on the front and back. Enjoy SLR experience both taking front scenery and selfies.

Key Features
  • 5.5 inch, 1280 x 720 Pixel IPS Screen
  • CPU: MTK6580A Quad Core 1.3GHz
  • System: Android 7.0
  • 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM
  • Primary: 13.0MP +2MP, flash light support
  • Secondary: 8.0MP+2MP, flash light support
  • Support: Ambient Light Sensor, Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Fingerprint Sensor
  • Dual SIM dual standby
  • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 3G: WCDMA 900/1900/2100MHz
  • Battery Capacity (mAh):2700mAh
  • Price: From ₦28,800
Buy Oukitel U22 at Jumia Nigeria Here

Oukitel K6000 Plus
The Oukitel K6000 Plus take a 6080mAh superb huge battery. With the fastest 12V/2A flash charger, you are able to charge the K6000 Plus' 6080mAh battery fully in extremely high speed-only 1 hour and 40 minutes. If you charge a 6080mAh battery smartphone with a 5V/2A charger, it takes about 5 hours while with a 12V/2A charger, it only needs 100 minutes.

Key Features
  • Network: 2G / 3G / 4G (Dual SIM — Hybrid)
  • Display: 5.5-inch Full HD Touch Display
  • Software: Android version 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Processor: 1.5GHz Octa-core MediaTek CPU
  • Memory: 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Memory (with Memory card support)
  • Cameras: 8.0MP front facing camera, 16.0MP rear camera (with flash)
  • Battery: 6080 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Other Features: Fingerprint scanner, Reverse charging via OTG, Light Sensor, Gravity Sensor, Proximity sensor
  • Price: From ₦67,599
Buy Oukitel K6000 Plus at Jumia Nigeria Here 

Oukitel K10000
The Oukitel K10000, is the "world's largest capacity battery smartphone," according to its manufacturer, and it has a power pack that's 270 percent larger than the DROID Turbo 2. It has a 10,000mAh battery, and it can reportedly be used as a power bank to 'reverse charge' other mobile devices.

Key Features
  • Display: 5.5 inch 720x1280 IPS HD Screen
  • CPU: MTK6735 64bit Quad Core 1.0GHz
  • System: Android 5.1
  • RAM + ROM: 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM
  • Back camera 8.0MP (SW13.0MP) + front 2.0MP (SW5.0MP)
  • Dual SIM dual standby
  • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz
  • 4G: FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600MHz
  • Support: 4G,Bluetooth,Touch Focus,Auto Focus,Face Detection,Gravity Sensor,OTG
  • Battery Capacity (mAh): 10000mAh
  • Price: From ₦56,200
Buy Oukitel K10000 at Jumia Nigeria Here

Oukitel K10000 Pro
Back in December 2015, China-based Oukitel announced the K10000, with a massive 10,000 mAh battery that the company claimed would last up to 15 days on one charge. The K10000 Pro is named after its massive battery capacity, and is the second phone out of Oukitel's K10000 series. K10000 Pro was launched last month June and is now available for purchase on Jumia Nigeria.

The Oukitel K10000 Pro brings back the huge 10,000 mAh battery phone with an updated design.

Key Features
  • 5.5 inch 1920 x 1080 2.5D IPS
  • 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM
  • Back camera 13MP + Front camera 5MP
  • Support: Ambient Light Sensor,Gravity Sensor,Proximity Sensor
  • CPU: MTK6580A 1.3GHz,Quad Core
  • System: Android 7.0
  • Dual SIM dual standby
  • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz
  • 4G: FDD-LTE 800/1800/2600MHz
  • Battery Capacity (mAh): 10000mAh
  • Price: From ₦72,300 
Buy Oukitel K10000 Pro at Jumia Nigeria Here

Oukitel K4000 Plus
The Oukitel K4000 Plus is the mid-range of the "K series" family, and perhaps the best balanced device of their portfolio, (only) if you are on a "tight" budget. 

It's the smallest (as far as the battery capacity is concerned) of the K Series family, with the K10000 Pro and K6000 Plus aimed at more experienced (and more demanding) users. K4000 packs a 4,100mAh battery inside, providing impressive standby/talk time results that you will surely enjoy, and has decent everyday performance, with no problems or mishaps.

Key Features
  • Network: 2G / 3G / 4G (Dual SIM)
  • Display: 5.0-inch HD IPS Touch Display
  • Software: Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Processor: 1.3GHz Quadcore Mediatek CPU
  • Memory: 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM (with Memory card support up to 32GB)
  • Cameras: 2.0MP front facing camera, 8.0MP rear camera (with flash)
  • Battery: 4100 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Other Features: Fingerprint scanner, Anti-smash screen, Gravity sensor, Proximity sensor, LED Notification light, Light Sensor
  • Price: from ₦34,899
Buy Oukitel K4000 Plus at Jumia Nigeria Here 

Oukitel K6000 Pro that houses a 6,000 mAh of battery juice at the price of NGN48,999, Oukitel U20 Plus with fingerprint ID unlock at the price of NGN31,200, Oukitel U10 that is fueled by an Octa core processor and fingerprint ID unlock system, Oukitel U7 Pro, U11 Plus and more are available on Jumia Nigeria: Check out the Oukitel Smartphones Deal Here.

Zoto Exclusive Referral is Back Again, Invite Friends & Earn Up To N20,000

 It's time to get friendly and Zoto makes it worth your while. The Zoto referrals is back. Same as before, you can make as much as N20,000 by inviting your friends to try Zoto.

Hope you remember Zoto? A secure and Fastest way to recharge anywhere in Nigeria with lots of benefits. Zoto Mobile recharge was introduced to you guys on this blog some months back and I'm pretty sure that lots of people benefit from their offers. 

I'm glad to inform you that Zoto is back again with their amazing offer. The promo they did last month was just N200 bonus per referral, but this time around, it is N500 airtime bonus per referral! Earn N500 by referring a friend. When someone uses your referral code or link to sign up on Zoto, you both get N500 on their first recharge.

Zoto, a mobile money and mobile recharge app, has become Nigeria's most popular app in the shopping category of Google Play Store. The mobile app is rated above Jiji – one of the leading classifieds websites in Nigeria – which comes second, followed by Jumia and Konga apps. Source:

Zoto is the best way to recharge, buy data & pay bills anywhere in Nigeria. It's reliable, safe and super fast. 

- Recharge any network in less than 10 sec
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The platform is available on iOS and Android and has become established as one of Nigeria's best recharge solutions with a 4.5 star rating on the Play Store.

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There are many more amazing offers on Zoto, simply download the app to enjoy. Also, you can get Flat 50% discount, up to N300. Get N600 for N300. Valid till 31st July, applicable on recharge and bill payment.

To Generate Your Referral Code
  1. Go to the Account tab on the bottom right corner of the screen
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The current referral program will be ending on Monday 31st. Here are the details of the new referral scheme.

    Refer friends and get N500 on your referrals first transaction
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To take advantage of the ongoing N500 referral promo, be sure to refer friends and get them activated before July 31st, 2017!

If you have been referred and are yet to make your first transaction, make a recharge before Monday 31st to claim your N500 cashback.

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5 things you should know about the tech industry

There is a lot more to the tech industry than we realize. There are many opportunities to explore in the industry and many misconceptions to dispel; there are also some dynamics to understand, the knowledge of which can help you make smart investments in the tech industry. Here are five things you should know about the tech industry.

1) The Industry is Not all About Coding

The tech industry consists of a lot more than coding. There are lots of jobs and technical skills available in the tech industry aside coding and programming, some of which include: design, data analysis, setting up systems and processes, project management, technical writing, web hosting and so on.

2) Proficiency in Coding Does Not Depend on How Good You are at Math or Science

Coding is about problem solving and logic, and you will find that some of the best coders admit to not being good at or even liking math or science. In fact, coding is easier learned by those coming from backgrounds or professions where problem-solving skills, as well as attention to detail, are involved.

3) There is Room for Creativity

Most people associate technical jobs like those in the tech industry, with a lack of creativity. However, the tech industry is all about finding creative ways to solve the world's tech problems. Aside the data science field in the tech industry, there is also a design field that relies on creativity to come up with attractive phone and laptop designs, as well as website designs and other tech designs we see.

4) The Tech Industry is Not Entirely Male Dominated

It is true that a large percentage of the tech industry is made up of men, but the industry is not completely male dominated. For example, the data science field of the tech industry is mostly made up of men, but the design fields have a larger percentage of women. As much as there might be a lot of men in the tech industry, there is still room for women who are passionate about tech.

5) Profit Margins Really Matter

In the tech industry, competition tends to be fierce and this makes it difficult for companies to maintain their profit margins over the long term. This can lead to disastrous results for investors, as a result investors are very particular about profit margins. Therefore, before buying stocks in the tech industry, investors carefully consider if the company will be able to maintain its pricing power over the long term.

By Damilola Ojo…


Russian man gets 5-yr sentence for developing notorious malware

Russian man gets 5-yr sentence for developing notorious malware

A US court has sentenced Mark Vartanyan for developing the notorious Citadel malware.

Vartanyan who helped develop the notorious malware called "Citadel" designed to steal personal financial information, was sentenced to five years in prison on Wednesday.

Also known as "Kolypto", Vartanyan pleaded guilty in March to one count of computer fraud after he reached a deal with federal prosecutors and he is the second individual charged in connection to the sophisticated Citadel malware.

The 29-year-old man was arrested in Norway in October 2014 and was extradited to the US in December 2016. US District Court Judge said Vartanyan would receive two years of credit for time served in Norway prior to his extradition.

While living in Ukraine and Norway from 2012 to 2014, Vartanyan allegedly helped in the development, improvement, maintenance and distribution of Citadel, a malware toolkit designed to infect computer systems and steal financial account details, personal data and other sensitive information from targeted computer networks.

Threat actors who used the sophisticated malware targeted and exploited the networks of major financial and government institutions across the globe, including several US financial firms.

According to industry estimates, Citadel infected about 11 million computers globally, resulting in over $500m in losses.


China blocks WhatsApp service

China blocks WhatsApp service

As authorities in China tighten their grip on the internet ahead of a major leadership reshuffle in Beijing, popular messaging service WhatsApp has partially been blocked.

Photo, video and voice messages sent by the Guardian from Beijing were all blocked on Wednesday, but text messages were not affected. Dozens of users in China complain of a total ban on sending any type of messages on WhatsApp.

The ban comes as Chinese officials are preparing for a twice-a-decade leadership shuffle later this year, with various factions within the Communist party jockeying for control of key positions and president Xi Jinping likely to further consolidate power.

However, the company declined to comment on the latest partial ban by Chinese authorities.

China operates the world's largest censorship system, known as the Great Firewall, blocking thousands of websites including popular platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube and a host of foreign news outlets.


25% rise in data costs raises doubts over NCC’s regulatory interventions

25% rise in data costs raises doubts over NCC's regulatory interventions

The new 25 per cent hike in cost of acquiring data sevices has raised fresh concern over ability of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to regulate both data and voice sevices in a competative telecommunications sector.

Subscribers of various related services in the industry have complained of the frequency in sudden rise in price, especially the broadband (data) sub-sector, with the latest in the middle of July 2017.

Most service prividers had quietly increased their prices, leading to 30 GigerBite (GB) going from N20,000 to N25,000,

The banking sector is the most affected by both poor data quality serivices and hikes, as many have also lamented that as bulk consumers, relying on data for online banking services, they suffer double tragedy in the hands of service providers.

The proprietor of an Ikeja-based internet serivces outfit, Sendata Cafe, Mr. Gilbert Asoanya, and the Chairman, Lagos branch of the Association of Telecoms Services Consumers of Nigeria(ATSON) said the frequency of increase in data cost in Nigeria had compelled his members to equally hike charges of their services to their public.

"It is now confirmed that Nigeria records the highest cost of data usage in African, if not the world.

" There is no part of the world that I know where 30GB can cost more than $5 (about N16,000).

"But we were buying it at N20,000 , in the past one year, but it has now added about N5000, depending on the service provider.

"We had taken the case up with the Broadband services providers, which have continued to throw it back on the exchange rate as well as blaming it on the charges by the various government agencies, including the NCC."

A senior marketing officer with Smile, one of the broadband companies, on condition of anonymity confirmed that there had not been any reduction in the charges and fees that the operators have been bearing, despite the recession, which had held down growth since 2016.

But a legal practioner and an expert in the industry, Mr. Yinka Abisoye, faulted the system that allows voice services providers, particularly the GSM operators, to go into data services as well.

"When about 10 yeas ago NCC was tinkering about issuing multi-faceted licence for voice-data services, some of us advised against it on the ground that it would lead to poor quality services and at the same time promote unhealthy rivalry in the system.

"What is done in other climes is for a sort of synergy be reached between voice services providers and data providers, such that a sharp line be drawn, in terms of rendering quality service-delivery and cost management.

Another data provider accused the GSM operators of causing some unhealthy competition by reducting price of data services to attract customers, but without offering them quality service in line with international standard .

However, the Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Umar Garba Dambatta, in a recent chat admitted that Nigeria has witnessed a quantum jump in the rate of data usage, such that the price of broadband is supposed to be affordable by now.

He accepted existence of what he described as possible price war , capable of eroding the supposed gain in the percentage increase in data usage in the country.

He dismissed allegation that NCC has failed in stamping its feet in ensuring standard and stemming price war .

"We are doing all things necessary to forestall a possible price war in the data sub-segment of the telecommunications sector.

"In addition, NCC is looking at other temporary measures in other to ensure that data services improve.

"For instance, we have noticed that the level of data usage is growing, which attests to the earlier assertion by the NCC that data is going to be the next frontier, hence our attempt to introduce the interim price floor for data.

"This is in order to ensure that we do not have a price war or reduced standard .

"This of course met with resistance from the consumers; and because the NCC is a listening agency, we suspended the interim price floor," Dambatta stated.

He continued: "As soon as the report of a special study commiittre set up to look into the data subsector is out, the question will be sorted out with all the stakeholders ,who are expected to provide useful information towards arriving at an acceptable price floor for data.

"We are also looking at other temporary measures in other to ensure that data services improve.

"We are thinking about providing palliatives to smaller operators in the industry, targeted here are those with about 7.5 per cent share of the market.

"We are in discussion with them in order to see how we can help them to provide data services in different parts of the country, even as we are talking with bigger operators to ensure that we find a way to improve the quality of data services."


Dispute over N1.3m bill: Hospital seizes corpse of housewife for eight months

Dispute over N1.3m bill: Hospital seizes corpse of housewife for eight months
Anambra State Police Command and the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, are trying to unravel the circumstances surrounding the refusal of the director of an in Ozubulu to release the body of a patient, Mrs. Evan Anajemba, who died in the hospital in November 2016 eight months ago), for burial.

The director, who had allegedly received N252,000 from the husband of the deceased, Mr. Godwin Anajemba, while the woman was on admission in the hospital, allegedly demanded additional N1.368 million after the woman gave up the ghost. Anajemba told Sunday Vanguard that when all efforts to persuade the director to release the body of his wife to him failed, he consulted a lawyer and also reported the matter to the Anambra State Police Command, which has been mediating. He also reached out to the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, pleading with it to prevail on the doctor to release the body of his wife.

A lawyer, Dr. E.E. Egbunonu, petitioned the state Commissioner of Police and the NMA on behalf of Anajemba, alleging that negligence on the part of the director killed the woman. The petition followed the refusal of the hospital director to act on a letter written to him by the lawyer in which he threatened to take legal action against him. Egbuonu said: "Mrs. Anajemba was a patient in the hospital for purpose of correcting a fibroid operation at an agreed total bill of N252,000 out of which a deposit of N140,000 was demanded and paid. "The said doctor went on to operate the deceased and, in the process, she gave up the ghost as a result of the negligent conduct of the doctor, who, at the heat of his mistake, gave the deceased 15 pints of blood at an additional cost of N16,500 per pint.

Vanguard, July 23, 2017


Best Fitness Apps for Android – Using Technology to Track, Monitor and Motivate Yourself to Get Fit

Technology is changing many things in our lives and our health and fitness is no exception. There are hundreds of apps out there that help us track, monitor and even motivate us to be fit and healthy. It can be daunting when faced with all the choices. This article looks at some of the most popular Android apps, covering different aspects of health and fitness. Some apps will focus on monitoring physical activity, whether you run, walk, swim, cycle or play sports. Some will focus on food and nutrition, helping you count calories and monitor the nutritional value of the food you consume. Some provide ideas and inspiration for workouts. And some apps act as a hub for all your data, so you can see and access all your data in one place in a visual user-friendly way. But it's not just about the apps – there is also a variety of devices and gadgets that combine with these apps to create an entire eco-system of monitoring health and fitness. These devices include activity trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and smart weight scales.

Best Fitness Apps for Android

People are different in many ways, but one thing we all share in common is that nagging need to be fitter and healthier. But people are getting busier and busier, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain levels of health and fitness. Despite the difficulties in finding time and motivation, technology is providing huge opportunities to make this easier for us in many ways. The devices that track our fitness activities and the apps that help us store, analyse and present this data to us are becoming increasingly common and more sophisticated.

As smart phones, smart watches, and other mobile technology become ubiquitous, solutions to these common problems and barriers to fitness and good health become a lot easier to counter. Just a quick look on your favourite Android app store will show you just how many different options there are for tracking your activity, monitoring your progress, and staying on task. But like with anything else, there are good apps and there are, well, not-so-good ones. And sometimes the variety can be overwhelming. There are apps that focus on tracking physical activity, apps that focus on food and nutrition, apps that provide workout ideas and inspiration, and apps that try to consolidate all your data as a sort of central hub.

We have compiled a list of some of the best apps that help you meet all your health and fitness goals:

1. Samsung Health

Samsung Health, formerly called S Health, is a comprehensive application made by, of course, Samsung. This is a multifaceted app that has a good selection of features for planning, tracking and reviewing your workouts. It allows you to plan unique and fun activities, as well as giving you the ability to track your activity and progress. These features are available in an easy to use interface that takes just a few minutes to set up to your personal needs and parameters. Samsung Health connects with various apps (including 3rd party ones) and this includes of course other Samsung wearables like the Gear 3. Samsung Health also has community and communal challenges allowing users to set target and compete with friends.


2. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is an Android app that is more targeted towards the dietary element of health and fitness. With this app, you can easily track your daily food and beverage consumption. You will get detailed information about your caloric intake, as well as a breakdown of levels of fat, sodium, vitamins and minerals, to give you an idea of your overall dietary patterns. MyFitnessPal is probably the most popular app for calorie counting and nutrition tracking, boasting of a community of over 80 million users, and it's no wonder it was snapped up by Under Armour for $475 million.

3. Endomondo

Endomondo is a 'sports tracker' app that is designed to make it easy to compile and track fitness and health data in one convenient place. The app is perfectly suited to tracking how long you are active, how many calories are burned, and even the route that you took during a particular run or bike ride. It can be configured to track all kinds of activities including sports and body building activities. Additionally, it also provides suggestions for ways that you can improve your activity so as to maximize the benefits you see from your efforts.

Endomondo - Running & Walking
  • Endomondo - Running & Walking Screenshot
  • Endomondo - Running & Walking Screenshot
  • Endomondo - Running & Walking Screenshot
  • Endomondo - Running & Walking Screenshot
  • Endomondo - Running & Walking Screenshot
  • Endomondo - Running & Walking Screenshot
  • Endomondo - Running & Walking Screenshot
  • Endomondo - Running & Walking Screenshot
  • Endomondo - Running & Walking Screenshot


4. Run Keeper

This is another very popular fitness tracker that also includes a social media element as well. The app is designed to track how long your run, bike, or walk, and to even provide cues that get you to pick up the pace if you want some extra motivation. The app will track your stats, alerting you when you've surpassed a previous "best" or how you are progressing towards a defined goal.


5. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

This is an app that is designed to promote fitness in a way that doesn't require a gym membership or expensive equipment, nor does it require a lot of time. As the name implies, the app provides a 7 minute workout that can be performed wherever you are and is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective and efficient workouts available. Considering how busy people are these days, this is a great app to get people motivated to do little things on a regular basis.


6. MapMyRun

MapMyRun is in the MapMyFitness family of apps, and although its strength is in its features for runners, it can track other activities like walking, hiking, cycling and interval training. You can easily plan a new running route from their mapped training routes, trails, clubs, and more. The app provides you with the ability to track your progress, and even provides parameters for special challenges that are designed to get you to step up your pace. Some of their cooler featured can only be accessed in the paid version however.

Run with Map My Run
Developer: MapMyFitness, Inc.
Price: Free+ 
  • Run with Map My Run Screenshot
  • Run with Map My Run Screenshot
  • Run with Map My Run Screenshot
  • Run with Map My Run Screenshot
  • Run with Map My Run Screenshot


7. Spotify

We thought we'd throw in Spotify into this list. It's not a health app of course, but it can play a big part in providing the right music for your workouts. Music has been shown to be a huge motivating factor in the pace of workouts, as well as a way to make them more fun and to help pass the time. Spotify has a number of curated playlists that are specially suited for running, or other athletic endeavors.

Spotify Music
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Price: Free+ 
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot
  • Spotify Music Screenshot


This is, of course, by no means an exhaustive list of all the varied fitness-related applications that are well designed and easy to use. There are literally hundreds of health and fitness apps out there. We've selected some of the most popular ones, representing a wide variety of different types used for different purposes. If you haven't yet started using fitness apps this is a great list to start with.

One last thing to say – this isn't just about your smartphone. There are now all kinds of gadgets and devices that will fit into an entire health and fitness technology eco-system. Devices include activity trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and digital bathroom scales. Activity trackers can send your activity levels straight to your app and smart scales can even send your weight, BMI and other body composition data straight to your fitness apps. This combination of new devices and apps mean that you can now track and monitor almost every aspect of your fitness through technology.

About Author

Stephen L

Stephen L is blogger with a keen interest in gadgets, particularly those with health and fitness applications. He currently writes for PimpMyBathroom, focusing on topics around technology and smart bathrooms.


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