Glo Data Share Tips

Glo data share

There is nothing so good as knowing that you can share your data with your friends and families
where ever your are so far as you have an active data plan subscription on your Glo sim.
You can easily share your Glo data with your family and friends via on your Glo bolt modem or by simply sending a text message. Since you can only share data via only with Glo bolt modem we are going to deliberate on how to share, gift data on Glo through SMS and dial some code. The following steps would enable you to share, gift or transfer your data on Glo;

 Note: Before you can share, transfer or gift data to another glo user, first you must be subscribe to a glo data plan service that allow sharing and gifting of data to friends and families.

To share your data plan on glo to your friends and family simply dial *127*data plan code*receiver's phone number#. For example *127*53*0705843xxxx#. From the given example "53" is the data plan code for Always Macro and it is been send or transfer to 0705843xxxx. 


glo data share via sms
How to share or transfer glo data plan via sms
You can also share or transfer glo data  to your friends and family via sms. To do this, open your Text Messager Type "gift"(data plan Name) (receivers phone number) to 127, That is "gift always macro 0705843xxxx would gift an always macro data to 0705843xxxx.

How to add people to share your data via ussd  
To add your friends and family to share your data via ussd dial *127*01*receiver's phone number#
ie *127*01*0705843xxxx#. This process will add the number 0705843xxxx to share your data.

How to add people to share your Glo data via SMS 
To add people to share your data plan via sms, text the word share "(reciever's phone number)" to 127. For example text "Share 0705843xxx" to 127 will add 0705843xxxx to share in your glo data.

How to remove people from sharing your glo data plan
If you don't want some body to continue sharing in your data, this is how to remove people from sharing your data plan via ussd code. Dial *127*02*removal phone number#. For example *127*02*0705843xxxx#. The number 0705843xxxx will be remove from sharing your data.

  • If  you forget a number you added to share on your glo data simply dial *127*00# to view list of people that are sharing in your glo data plan. 
Want to know the volume of your Glo data subscription, Dial *127*0# or send an SMS with the word"info" to 127.