Apple’s iPad Pro 2 could get a release date in June, reports suggest

ALL NEW iPad Pro 2 Linked With June Release

NEWS Richard Goodwin 11:52, 11 May 2017

Apple's iPad Pro 2 could get a release date in June, reports suggest

Apple's iPad Pro is one hell of a machine. It performs great and is easily one of my all time favourite tablets (even though it borrowed most of its features from Samsung and Microsoft).

The tablet space is in terrible shape, though: no one is buying tablets anymore. Global shipments are down year on year, and fewer and fewer new models are released by Google's partners.

Apple is pressing on, however, with its iPad line. The company pretty much started the entire tablet segment back in 2010 and has dominated it ever since. I do find tablets incredibly boring, though – gimme a big phone any day of the week. At least, I did until the iPad Pro came along.

The iPad Pro made me like tablets again. Given the choice between an iPad Pro and a Surface Pro 4 I'd obviously take the Surface, but that's besides the point – Apple's iPad Pro is still a very, very impressive piece of kit.

And we will apparently see a new iPad Pro model released in June, according to BGR.

"The new iPad Pro rumoured to be debuting sometime this year is expected to feature a fresh new design that will serve as something of a preview for Apple's iPhone 8 design.," said the report.

"The tablet is expected to be about the same size as Apple's current 97.-inch iPad Pro, but it will feature a 10.5-inch display. How will Apple fit a larger display into a tablet that's the same size as its current iPad Pro model? You guessed it… by shrinking the bezels."

The iPad Pro 2, or whatever it is eventually called, will apparently be ALL SCREEN, just like the iPhone 8. This will make the iPad Pro 2 look completely different to what came before, though it will be interesting to see how a tablet without bezels actually functions in practice – what are you meant to hold on to?

9to5Mac also spotted a listing for an "iPad 10.5" inside a case maker's inventory display. The report reckons this could be Apple's new-look iPad Pro.

Beyond this, leaks suggest Apple is planning on removing the home key aboard this new iPad Pro model. Like the iPhone 8 it will apparently be built into the display.

Personally, I do not buy this. Apple is having plenty of issues finding these new and tricky-to-make panels for its iPhone 8. We know this. So how in the hell is it able to find 10.5in versions of these panels so easily?

It makes no sense.

To be honest, I don't really think the iPad needs much of a facelift. Granted, it's pretty dull to look at. But who cares? It's a tablet; that's what tablets look like… Personally, I'd much rather see them investing in the actual software that runs aboard these more expensive iPad models.

If you want people to view the iPad Pro in the same light as the Surface Pro 4 you NEED to make the software comparable. At present, it simply isn't – one's a fully fledged desktop OS, the other's a phone OS running on a big display.


FYI: You Can Save $200 on Select Surface Pro 4 Laptops Right Now


Microsoft is currently running a pretty decent deal on select Surface Pro 4 models inside its store. The deal will net you $200 off the price of select Surface Pro 4 models.

That's a pretty hefty slice off the RRP for a very potent hybrid machine. I'm a huge fan of Microsoft's line of Surface Pro hybrids, as they can replace your desktop, tablet and laptop in one foul swoop.

I'd always go for the higher-specced models as well, because if you use it as a desktop computer, you will want that extra grunt for gaming and things like Photoshop.