#How to Check your Mobile Phone Number and Bank Account Balance on MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, GLO ni nigeria in 2 minutes

Do you know that you can check your own mobile phone number without flashing another person phone number to check it? Simply dial the following code depending on your network provider.

How to check my MTN phone number

To check your MTN phone number simply dial the code below;

MTN >> dial *123#

How to check my Etisalat Phone number

To check your Etisalat phone number, dial the code below;

ETISALAT >> dial *248#

How to check my Airtel Phone number

To check your Airtel phone number, simply dial the ussd code below;

AIRTEL >> dial *121# 

How to check my Glo phone number

To check your Glo phone number, simply dial the code below;

GLO >> dial *135*8#

check my phone number

How to check your Bank Account Balance on ATM 

 Method 1: VIA ATM

If you want to check your bank account number on ATM and you don't know how to do it, don't worry because we have all the information you need in order to assist you to check your bank account balance. Below are the necessary steps to follow and successfully check your balance on ATM: 

1. Go to any bank that has a workable ATM stand and slot in the card link to the account you wish to check your account balance. It must not be the ATM stand of the bank you are banking with as banks have configured to ATM to accept any active card from other Bank branches.

2. After you have inserted your card, a welcome message will pop up, for example, welcome Stefanie Ado, Then you will be required to enter your pin in order for you to be able to access your account.

3. Now you must input your four digit secret pin Number for you to be granted access. Input your four digit secret pin and press enter or continue to depend on the configure text on the ATM that you are using. 

In some ATM you will see enter while some continue and others Proceed. you will be successfully granted access to your account if you enter your correct four digit secret Pin Number. 

If you enter a wrong pin number you will not be able to access your account, which will also stop you from checking your balance or even doing any transactions on your account using the card. This is why you must always create your ATM PIN with figures that you will easily remember. 

Most people used their date of birth, and I suggest you should use that too for easy remembrance. If you are granted access to your account the next thing to do is;

4. Select your account type. There are normally two type of account that will showcase when you log into your account with your card through the ATM these are;
  • Current
  • Savings
You will be required to select your account type, this is the type of account you choose when you fill your form of account Opening, so here if you open a current account you will have to choose current for you to be able to check your balance. 

But if the account type you choose was savings  when you open your account that means you must select savings  for you to be able to check your account balance. After you must have carefully selected your type of account, Then click on proceed. 

5. Your account balance should be display to you, containing your legend balance and available balance. Your legend balance is the total balance that was in your account before any recent transaction, The Available balance on the other hands is the balance amount in your account that you can actually withdraw. 

Method 2: VIA SMS

You can as well check your account balance through text message or by dialing USSD code with the phone number you use to registered your bank account. 

Mobile banking makes it easy for anyone to check his/her account balance without the stress of going to ATM. This means with your mobile phone you can check your account balance to know what you have left before even heading to an ATM stand to withdrawn your money;

Option 1: An SMS to the unique bank account balance request number

Diamond Bank 

SMS {PIN. Balance. Account Number} to 08035354177 or 08035354301
ie ( ATM PIN, Balance, Account Number) example 1234, Balance, 0123490870 to either 08035354177 or 08035354301.  

You will receive an SMS containing your account balance and your account details. Regular SMS charge of 4.00 naira applied. 

GTB Bank 

SMS BAL account number to 08076665555. For example Bal 0123456789 to 08076665555. You sure will get a reply containing the balance on your account.

This method is really helpful if you were expecting money into your account and you are not sure or have not received any notification about your account been credited, then you can use this method to clear your doubt and confirm if actually, your money is in your account. 

Note: The account number must be your Ten (10) digit account number. if you are still using your old account number you might have to go to your bank branch and update it.


To check your account balance via SMS on your first bank account, do this; 
Text "Balance#account number" to 08076664444. For example "Balance#0198765432" to 08076664444. 

You will receive a reply containing your account balance. Other things you can as well check with first bank checker number 08076664444;
  • You can check your last 5 transactions: to do this text "Last5#account number". For example "Last5#0198765432". 
  • You can check your last 6 months statement of account; to do this, text "stmt#account Number" to 08076664444. For example "stmt#0198765432". 

You can as well check your fidelity bank account balance via SMS. Simply dial *770*0# and enter your ATM pin. Your account balance will be display to you. 


To check your account balance on access bank via SMS: simply text Bal, your account number to 08160000612. For example Bal 0987654321 to 08160000612. Your account balance will be sent to you via text message. More Tips will be updated.

How To Recharge Your Mobile Phone Direct from your Bank Account

You can recharge your mobile phone through your bank. This is very possible if the mobile number you use in opening your account is with you. 

But if you have lost contact with the mobile number you use to open your account, it won't be possible, But if you do want to always recharge mobile phone through your bank, you will need to go to the customer services unit in your Bank and request for your notification information to be updated. 

Then Provide the customer care with the number you wish to used and be receiving notification on your phone. When this has been done, congratulation you can now recharge your phone anytime anywhere, your locations does not matters, as far as you have sufficient amount in your account you will be credited base on the amount you choose to recharge your phone. Below are the codes you can dial to recharge your phone depending on your bank:


      Access Bank

        Eco Bank


            Fidelity Bank

              First Bank Plc

                Heritage Bank

                  Keystone Bank

                    Sky Bank Plc

                      Sterling Bank

                        UBA Bank

                          Unity Bank

                            Zenith Bank

                            *966*amount# (For MTN users Dail *302*amount#)
                              Diamond Yello Account

                                Stanbic IBTC Bank

                                  How to Check your BVN Number

                                  To know your BVN number simply dial *556*0# with the phone Number you used to registered for your BVN.

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