Have you lost any phone before? this is what you must do to get it track now:

 What You must Immediately Do after Phone Theft!

A mobile phone is the most venerable piece of technology we carry with us everywhere. It has all of our personal data; pictures, videos, contacts, messages, and every other thing you can save in it. Have you thought, what will happen if you lost your cell phone? We invest so much emotionally and financially into our phone that its theft or loss can be very traumatic for us.

For sure, everyone keeps a password on their phone but how hard is it to crack it open for thieves and hackers? They are out looking for someone careless enough to make one mistake and there it goes; they can steal, snatch or even mug you! There goes your phone with all your personal data.

phone theft

According to stats, 113 cell phones in the U.S are lost or stolen per minute. People are so careless with their phones that 44% people forget their cell phones at a restaurant, which later ends in a thief's hands. Other most common places people are prone to forget their cell phones include public concerts, washrooms, airports, busses and the list goes on! But what is more freighting than financial loss is the misuse of personal information. Once a person notices their phone missing, they are willing to pay big money, not for the phone but to retrieve the data in it!

According to an infographic by MacAfee, despite the fact that half of us would rather lose our wallet than our cell phone, only 4% have taken additional steps to protect their mobile device with security.

Once they get into your phone your personal information is at risk for a fact! What are some of the threats we face in case of mobile theft and data breach? They can misuse your pictures, your social media; they can impersonate you and talk to your friends and what not! Here are some of the many other possibilities:

  • If you shop online, your account details can be used by the thieves/hackers for own benefit.
  • Your social media can be used by them to impersonate you.
  • Your private pictures can be morphed and leaked or can be used to blackmail you.
  • Your contacts can be harassed and threatened by your name.
  • Your social security number can be used to extract details about you. (Recent hack of social security number prove that a possibility).

Where there's a problem there's a solution!

All these possibilities give you the chills don't they? So why should you be one to suffer the data loss or misuse in the first place? Why not step out there and be a part of the teach-savvy group? There isn't any rocket science to this, just install a lost phone locator app and you can significantly bring the problem down.


There are many such advanced tracking apps like FamilyTime, so you can locate your phone in case of theft pretty easily. This app sits on your phone and lets you track your phone's location. The best part is that this app is available on iTunes and Google Play Store for free and can be downloaded from here:


By downloading this app you can secure your phone in 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Lock your phone

FamilyTime tracking app lets you remotely lock your device that will render the phone absolutely useless. It's not like your phone's default password protection; its one step advanced: as you lock your phone from your online FamilyTime dashboard, the phone will get disabled.

Your phone once locked, cannot be unlocked until you enter the password. So there is very little chance of anyone breaking into your phone and you wouldn't have to worry about your information being leaked and can get to the next step.

Step 2: Track the location

After locking the phone, you can track the location of your phone with this app and then retrieve it. Again, by logging into your online account, you can find the phone's latest GPS location. This can help you get an accurate picture of where your phone is at the moment. But it is generally advised not to act on impulse and try to retrieve the stolen phone on your own. Going on your own to locate a phone can even put your life at risk.

The Jeremy Cook incident is a lesson itself highlighting how tracking a phone on your own can be so fatal. Once you know the location of your device, inform the police and let them handle things from there on.

Take the digital road!

A little additional step can save you from so much hassle and worry. It's the digital age and cyber crimes are on the rise. Protect yourself from the fear of data breach and phone loss, use phone locator apps in case of such a situation. Think smartly, act safely!