Get Free USA Phone Number In Nigeria, Useful For Verification, Calls & SMS

Hi, lovely viewers and welcome on the board to this anticipated post. A lot of things have changed over the years. The methods of getting Free USA phone numbers in the past have changed.

Most of the outdated methods try to charge you some $$$ before you can get a USA phone number for online transactions. I know some 9ja guys charging some bucks to help people get USA phone numbers.

The Good News today is that you can now get a US phone number to make free international calls and to receive verification calls/messages to sign-up or verify strict verification process US-based sites like USA PayPal, Google voice, USA Bing ads Account etc, from Nigeria without spending a dime to anybody, 100% free.

I hope you are ready to board my ship? I'm no one else but Shelaf, taking you on a journey to the United State from Nigeria. There are lots of websites/apps that are offering free USA phone number, but TextNow will be our main focus.

TextNow is a cross-platform messaging application that offers free U.S phone numbers. It allows you to send text messages (real SMS) to any phone number in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 100 countries in the World for FREE.

TextNow can be used to make free calls to US numbers and also receive calls from anywhere in the world for FREE! You can receive calls, make calls, text and receive messages with it. I used it to verify my Foreign PayPal account in Nigeria. Check the screenshot below for the proof.


However, TextNow is not opened to the general public, it's only meant for those in the U.S, Mexico, and Canada, but there is a workaround to it as Non-U.S resident can also make use of it.

Non-U.S residents can only sign up on TextNow with the help of a VPN (Any VPN with a steady US IP address will do)
Hotspot Shield VPN free version is working fine with it - Get it Here

Note: When downloading Hotspot Shield VPN, try not to install other options like toolbar, etc. All you need is just the software.

To Get a Free US Phone Number in Nigeria Via TextNow
Make sure your VPN is up and running, I normally use premium ExpressVPN though, and ensure to use ONLY USA server address. You can use to confirm your IP location.

Now, visit and click on the Sign Up link. Fill in your detail and click on the Sign Up button, in the next page, you will be asked to "Enter Your Area Code".
Simply log on to
Scroll down to choose your preferred Area Code or choose any one from the below screenshot.

Input your Area code and tap on "Continue" button, then select your preferred USA phone number and click on "Continue" button. You should have your own US phone number within seconds without leaving Nigeria.

For more convenience you need to download TextNow mobile app. TextNow app is available for the Android OS, which is good for calls and messages push notifications. You can make calls and receive calls with it, you can also send and receive messages with it. I used TextNow for verifications on sites/features that do not support Nigeria.

TextNow is available in Google Play Store, but Non-U.S resident can't download it easily there, even with the VPN, you may not be able to download the app from Play Store.

Simply follow the steps below to download TextNow APK Version
  • Copy the Play Store link of TextNow.
  • Visit
  • Click/Tap on APK Downloader button and you will be redirected to another Site.
  • Paste the link of TextNow APK you copied in step one into the provided space and click on Generate Download Link button with the blue color background.
  • Click on the Green Download button on the next screen to download TextNow APK to your smartphone.
For your time-saving, I have uploaded TextNow APK version on another server, you can easily download it here

After installing TextNow APK on your Android device, connect your VPN Android version, then fire up the Textnow app to get started. You must be online to receive calls with TextNow free version.
You can view your calls and SMS messages history at the dashboard of your TextNow, once you're signed into your account.

TextNow Premium
Upgrade to premium is not compulsory, but to remove annoying ads, lock-in your number, and get call forward to your local number.
  • The Monthly fee is $2.99
  • The Yearly fee is $29.99
Warnings: Always ensure to use a US IP address while accessing your TextNow account.

This is where I dock the ship folks. 100% free US phone number in Nigeria, let me know if you like the offer.