Fund Payoneer Account: How You Can Easily Buy Payoneer Dollars In Nigeria

 Hi everybody, I'm glad to be in your midst again today. Discussing on how you can easily get dollars transferred into your Payoneer account or in simple terms, fund your Payoneer account here in Nigeria.

Since acquiring dollars into your Domiciliary account to enable you to make payments for online purchases with your Zenith, UBA, or GTBank dollar cards are now as difficult as fetching water from the dessert. The easiest way to get dollars for your purchases is through Payoneer.

However, getting Payoneer funds is also as tough as sending a nerd out to woo a lady.

Before now, we only bought Payoneer dollars from sellers around Nigeria in exchange for Naira. But due to the demand, and difficulties faced by the majority when sourcing for Payoneer dollars, we've decided to take the bull by the horn. And make funding of Payoneer account in Nigeria a walkover.

Now, we fund your Payoneer account from Naira to dollar rates slightly lower than the parallel market rate. Meaning you can actually get dollars from us at a cheaper rate than what the Aboki men sell at BDC.

Uses Of Payoneer Funds
==>1. You can use it to make payments online through Payoneer to Payoneer transfers.
==>2. Payoneer gives a dollar MasterCard to each account holder for free. And once there is money in your Payoneer account, you can use this MasterCard to buy things online abroad.
==>3. It can be used to buy/renew domains and hosting plans.
==>4. You can also use the Payoneer MasterCard just like any other dollar card to make payments. I've even seen people use it to pay for their visa applications and foreign school applications.

Why You Should Fund/Buy Payoneer From Us?
==>1. We are trusted.
==>2. We've been in this longer than you know it. And don't plan to quit anytime soon.
==>3. Good for importers; will serve as a means to buy dollars at a very cheap rate.
==>4. Funding is fast
==>5. We buy Payoneer dollars as well. So if you have, you can sell to us too.

How To Fund Your Payoneer Account Through Us
It's easy. All you have to do is;

==>1. You must have an active Payoneer account.
==>2. Then contact us on WhatsApp using this number 07030602334 or on Telegram using this username: @uchefrancis
==>3. We reply instantly on Whatsapp. You just have to tell us the amount you need. We discuss the rate and you pay the equivalent.
==>4. After payment, we will credit your Payoneer account with the agreed amount of Payoneer dollars.