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Someone Hacked A Billboard iIn Mexico And Defaced It With Porn Video


Last Friday, in Mexico City a digital advertisement board which is owned by Grupo Carteleras was hacked and featured a pornographic video for a few minutes.

The hacked video displays a woman using an electronic toy on herself. It can be noted that along the video, one can see TeamViwer warning tab, this leads us to the conclusion that the sign board is not hacked but someone used the TeamViwer to play this video using his computer which was operating the board. Here, in this case, the browser was Edge or either Internet Explorer while the operating system was the Microsoft Windows.

"We publicly denounce this computer attack on one of our screens and understand this discomfort that can cause to the passersby," Grupo Carteleras said in a Tweet.

This is not the first time when an electronic sign board has been hacked and replaced with pornographic content. Just five months ago, a billboard in Indonesia was hacked and got defaced with a Japanese porn video; while in 2015, a Brazilian bus terminal witnessed a similar hacking feat when its bus schedule and advertising on the screen was replaced with pornographic videos.

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