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New Study Reveals Which Is Better—iPhone or Android

You've got to inform that buddy of yours who thinks an iPhone is better than Android that a research has proved him wrong 

A recent study by Blancco Technology Group, revealed that Android smartphones are more reliable than iPhones. 

The study reveals that the failure rates for Apple's iPhone is far more prominent than it is on competing Android devices. Additionally, the failure rate experienced by iOS clients has just expanded with each passing quarter over the previous year.

For the purpose of the study a smartphone failure includes instances when the device doesn't operate as intended for no apparent reason. This includes different system issues like touch screen malfunctions, camera issues, battery charging problems, and some other minor setbacks

"As for specific failure rates, the report indicates that iOS devices during the last quarter of 2016 experienced a failure rate of 62%. By way of contrast, Android smartphones during the same quarter saw a failure rate of 47%. Also of note is that Apple's iPhone 6 continues to be the worst offender among varying iPhone models."

"The iPhone 6 has been the worst performing iOS device consecutively for four quarters with the highest failure rate compared to other models," the report notes, "25 percent in Q1 2016, 29 percent in Q2 2016, 13 percent in Q3 2016 and 15 percent in Q4 2016."

Regular Apple issues reportedly include apps not working right, problems with headphones and overheating. 

Androids have a tendency to encounter camera, battery, and USB problem. The Blancco Group's research indicated Samsung products were often the most problematic.


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