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Hands on: New Nokia 3310 (2017) review



For those who fondly remember the Nokia 3310 the new model will almost be a no-brainer of a purchase. Its low price, pleasing feature set and long battery life make it appealing for anyone looking for a back-up handset, festival phone or just a simple retro buy.


  • Full-on nostalgia hit
  • Low cost
  • Snake!!!


  • Only a 2MP camera
  • Low res screen
  • 2.5G connectivity

Update: We've now had word that the new Nokia 3310 release date could be May, although we're still waiting to hear officially when you'll be able to buy it.

If any phone can sell itself on nostalgia alone, that phone is the Nokia 3310.  

It's one of the most popular mobiles of all time, remembered for its near-indestructible build, long-lasting battery and legendary Snake (well Snake II if we're being accurate) game, and the team licensing the Nokia phone name has jumped at the chance to reignite the love for a phone which was once the leader in the mobile market. 

Enter the new Nokia 3310, a lovingly crafted homage to the iconic handset with a helping of modern-day upgrades. If you were a fan of the 3310, the likelihood is you'll want to pick this up.

If you're less familiar with the original though, this is just another feature phone which won't satisfy your smartphone sensibilities.


Weight: 79.6g
Dimensions: 115.6 x 51 x 12.8mm
OS: Nokia Series 30+
Screen size: 2.4-inch
Resolution: 240 x 320
Storage: 16MB, microSD (32GB)
Battery: 1,200mAh
Rear camera: 2MP

New Nokia 3310 price and release date

The Nokia 3310 price has been set at €49 (around $40, £35, AU$55), placing it perfectly as a secondary phone purchase and it's one that will likely appeal to both Nokia fans and festival goers. 

Some may balk at having to even pay that much for a 'dumb phone', but the spec sheet of the new 3310 does enough to justify the cost. 

There's no firm new Nokia 3310 release date just yet, with the firm only confirming that it will be available sometime in Q2 (April-June). 

That hasn't stopped online retailer Clove from listing the new 3310 release date as available from May on its website though, although it does note "official price and availability to be confirmed" - 

so that May date could be subject to change.

source:  techradar


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