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free software for creating whiteboard animations


By whiteboard animations, I mean animations like ones created by popular Youtube channel The RSA (Playlist : RSA Animate). Here is a sample video link : 
13 Answers

You can't, but you will. You have to merge some concepts;

1. Download Cartoon Story Maker.(Cartoon Story Maker)

2. Make A Story (Full Story) in it. Export in image. (You may not export in image so just use snipping tool.)

3. Download Cartoon Generator (WGY Studio)

4. Generate caroon black and white of story you made from Cartoon Story Maker.

5. Download Hand With Pencil From Google (Google Images)

6. Open photoshop7.0 and remove everything from background except hand and pencil

7. Open Image Ready 7.0

8. Make First Frame Pure White. (Frame Dimensions must be equal to the image you made from cartoon story maker in my case its 684x388)

9. Make New Frame Copy and paste hand in it, reshape it so that it will be visible good in screen.

10. Now the difficult part starts, copy and paste your story in third frame.

11. Move Your Hand A Little Above And Remove All The Black Story Except below The Hand.

12. Do it Until Whole Story Is Drawn (I did only for girl.)

13. You Got Many Frames. I Just Only Did For Girl. Set the frame speed. That how Much Hand moves fast. I set 2

14. In ImageReady, click on internet explorer sign, to view animation in Internet Explorer.

15. In internet Explorer, right click and save picture as GIF anywhere.

17. Open windows movie maker, click add images add gif file you saved from internet explorer.

18. Add Image On Time Line.

19. Add Audio You want to add with story.

20. Export in Wmv Format.

21. Enjoy!!!

 here is the demo



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