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Five Google Chrome extensions recommended for you to use 2017 -2020

Five Google Chrome extensions you should really be using

My friend stumbled on my browser recently and exclaimed how different it was. He said it felt like I was on to some high-level hacking mission. All I did was tweak a few things.

Often times, I come across people's browsers and marvel at how default it is. While I agree that there are different tastes, I feel it wouldn't hurt to explore more functionalities. There are literally millions of extensions in the Chrome Web store to make your browser more fun, secure and interesting.

So today, I'll be sharing the five Google chrome extensions I think all users should check out. This also applies to those using UC browser and other Chromium based browsers.


AdBlock is the first thing I always go for whenever I personalize my Chrome browsers. Ads can be frustrating when you visit some websites. Want to declutter your browsing? Install ad block today. There is a reason it has over ten million active users. You can whitelist websites you trust. Some of these websites are funded by ads.


In case you don't know there are actually monitoring spirits on the internet. This is why sometimes when we visit a website; we see ads from that website in other websites we visit later. These monitoring spirits are called trackers and they follow you everywhere on the internet.

Ghostery helps you keep them in check.

When used with an ad blocker, webpages are much lighter on the eyes as most ads and trackers are blocked. Ghostery also has the whitelist feature.

Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture, annotate

Say goodbye to the usual windows snipping tool, this is the go-to extension for snipping any image from the internet. Awesome screen shot gives you the option of copying a full website. This is mostly impossible with snipping tool since you can't scroll down.

After screen shotting any webpage, you can annotate as desired. Arrows, circles, text, you name it; illustrations are as easy as clicking. You can also save in jpg or pdf.

RSS feed reader

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a system used by websites to distribute internet content to users. Most websites that release steady content have it. Therefore, instead of scrolling down my website for fresh content, you can add it to the RSS feed reader.

By this method, you get to choose what you want to read and is up to date with every single post released on your favourite websites.

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly is powerful tool used by writers worldwide. Whether you run a blog, or comment on Facebook posts often, Grammarly will help you churn our near perfect English every time. This extension does more than just check for spelling errors, it also helps you when there are context errors. A paid version comes with extra features but the free alternative serves just fine.

So there you have it, these are extensions that I find very useful and believe you will to.

Other notable mentions are https everywhere, google dictionary, stayfocusd, momentum, cite this for me and LastPass

Do you use any other extensions apart from the ones above? Kindly share


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