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MMM Nigeria Kept Its Word: Now Back, 24hrs Earlier Than Imposed

 A month ago, when some of the media used MMM to gain cheap popularity with their provocative and worthless articles. They created panic and made some participants taught that MMM NG has collapsed.

Don't get me wrong with my introduction. Truly, I'm a member of MMM Nigeria, but I don't have much money there due to their low interest and since I have others that are paying better. Besides, we need to care about other people that invested a huge amount of money there.

It was stated clearly on the MMM official website that the suspension of work was due to the holidays and resumption date has been given, then why create a scandal?

Finally, MMM Nigeria which was suspended on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 last year was re-opened. I doff my hat for the Sir Sergey Mavrodi (The CEO of MMM), he is a man of his word.

It was scheduled to return on January 14, 2017, but returned at about 11am on January 13, 2017 (Today).  In a statement announcing its return, MMM said it was setting a limit on daily withdrawals, in order to control panic withdrawals. Read the full detail here.

I requested to Get Help of N160,000 today on MMM Nigeria, those that have money there, MMM Nigeria is back, resumes its usual operation. You can now create your GH-requests.

MMM United are on maintenance. Though, they paused their system without notice, Since the MMM Nigeria is back, there is hope that MMM United will soon be back too.

MMM Japan is the best for now, I'm coming up soon with another review on MMM Japan.

Welcome Back MMM Nigeria, Together We Can Change The World! :-))

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