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Review: More Than 2 Million Naira Made in 3 Weeks on Zarfund!


For the past 3 weeks now, we have been talking more about bitcoin and dollars. Yes! This is the way forward. Digital currency is taking over and it is creating more business opportunities.

Zarfund global investment is one of the best ways to transact on bitcoin to attend financial freedom.

We introduced Zarfund to our readers last 3 weeks and many who have been waiting for an opportunity grabbed it immediately.

Over 200 new investors joined to make our team great.

The first batch of 100 investors has gotten complete two referrals without stress. Yes! The team placed two people under each of them.

The first 3 investors have completed level 3, now in level 4. They made a profit of 0.6BTC $450 (N240,000). The next 30 investors have completed level 2, now in level 3. They made a profit of 0.1BTC $75 (N40,000). The rest 67 investors have completed level 1, now in level 2. They made a profit of 0.01BTC $7 (N4,000)

Now let's find the aggregate;
N240,000 x 3 = 720000
N40,000 x 30 = 1200000
N4,000 x 67 = 268000
Total = N2,188,000

This is what we have made so far as a team.

If we can achieve this on our gestation stage, then it's possible to predict what will happen in the next 6months.

However, we can't claim that all things happened smoothly without any difficulty or challenges. Nothing good comes easily, but your ability to overcome challenges and move on is what grants real success. During the past 3 weeks in Zarfund, encountered serious challenges, some even posed a threat to the entire team. But we were able to overcome them. Below are the measures we took to improve our team.  

More Team Assistants
Some who contacted us during the first week on reception were not attended to immediately because we had only two team assistants by that time and the workload was much. They found it had to offer the prompt response to prospective investors.

This problem has been fixed by introducing more team assistants to handle the job. We can now assure you that you'll get needed assistance on time. They will help you purchase bitcoin and give you our team unique link for registration.

Our team administrative activities are very clear and transparent to every member. No underground works and favoritism. E.g On the issue of giving referrals, we have a list of all registered members, their levels, the number of referrals and serial numbers. Referrals are given based on your serial number on the list. With this method, each member can predict when he or she will get referrals.

Zarfund is a Lifetime Investiment
The benefits of Zarfund are not for a short while, Investors keep earning for life. Apart from the profits you earn when your downlines are upgrading to upper levels, you will also earn the same amount of profits on the monthly basis.

This is the real financial freedom!

The Door is Still Open For You
For those who are yet to invest in this new paying business, Zarfund is knocking on your door once again. Don't hesitate to join.

The door is always open, but the earlier the better. Zarfund is like a school, if you join on time you'll get to the top level on time too.

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