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Latest trick To Use WhatsApp Without Phone No

Hey guys, Today i'm going to show you a new trick Whatsapp trick with Whatsapp chatting messenger, But we all know that we could only use and activate whatsapp with a valid sim card only. But The trick posted today will show you how to use it without using a sim card.
whatsapp trick

I guess everyone now has whatsapp installed on his/her smartphone device since its now basically the most easiest and convenient way to send messages and keep in touch with friends and loved ones. The only required is that both you and the person you want to keep in touch with must have whatsapp installed on thier device which shouldn't be really hard since you can just install it from your device app store.

But with this whatsapp trick, you will be able to use whatsapp without a phone number which is really cool. The recent security update by whatsapp as we all know is the chat to chat encryption code which is private and means no one will be able to extract your conversation without using the code. Because, it will automatically start encrypting your messages. and that's only accomplished when you download the latest updated version, and when installed you should receive a message informing you that your conversations are now end-to-end encrypted. You also have the option to scan a QR code. Well then, If you don't want to create a whatsapp account with your number then this post is just the right dose for you. I will teach you how to create any whatsapp account with a fake number which you can use for pranking friends and loved ones or just hiding your identity

Steps To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number

 Step 1=> Make sure your phone is on airplane mode if you are using wi-fi to browse. Otherwise you can skip this step.

Step 2=> Now you need to download and install Whatsapp. If you already have a whatsapp account then go ahead.

Step 3=> After installing you need to download "Voxox" An application used for generating fake phone numbers.

Step 4=> Now install Voxox app and register your details.

Step 5=> When you have created an account on Voxox, you need to get the fake number for whatsapp.

Step 6=> Go to more option at top left of the voxox app.

Step 7=> There you'll see your account details. You just need to copy fake number from the account information.

Step 8=> Make sure you Note down the number on any other device or page.

Step 9=> Open whatsapp and fill the fake number that you get from voxox app.

Step 10=> If you have already a whatsapp account then go to whatsapp setting and click on change my number. In the first option you need to fill your currently whatsapp number and country code. In the second option; fill fake number and USA country code "+1". Then click okay.

Note- If you don't have a whatsapp account yet then simply click on whatsapp and fill fake number.

Step 11. Within a minute you'll receive whatsapp confirmation code from whatsapp in voxox app.

Step 12. Open the verification link or copy the code and paste in Whatsapp. Your whatsapp verification would be completed.

Now you can chat anonymously without revealing your identity with anyone and also use it to chat with any random person on the internet or Just use it to prank your friends. Have Fun guys

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