How To Make Facebook Phishing Page With Android

Facebook phishing page-For those who are mailing me concerning how to hack someone's Facebook password, I need to clarify that that it is impossible as Nobody can directly hack into the Facebook server to obtain victims password because of the big brains behind Facebook security unless you have access to victim's phone or PC. But with the trick am about to show you, You can easily trick users to get their Login details using Phishing method. So today i am going to show you how to make Facebook phishing Page using your android phone.Facebook phishing page

Phishing attacks are one of the most common ways of hacking on Facebook. The goal of this hack is to trick your victim so you can obtain their Facebook username and password so as to enable you login easily.

I have written a post about Facebook phishing on this blog of which is still working, but some people complained that they suspend their page after a while. And the rate at which most people use their mobile phones in a day is quite much and don't really have time to use their PC again. This post focuses on those that want to create a phishing page on their mobile phones easily. The page is also responsive, which means when your victim opens it from a PC they will get a desktop version of Facebook likewise on mobile.

Phishing is the popular method to hack Facebook but with a lot of problems these days concerning browsers that detects and warns users.  For a free hosting company like 000webhost that suspends any phishing page. I have found a solution that will make the page undetectable and won't get suspended.

Note: Making a phishing page is not illegal, but using a phishing page is illegal. This tutorial is just to show you, "How to create phishing page?".

I have included the Facebook phishing page files in this tutorials, so you won't take lot of time to demonstrate a phishing page yourself.


  • No suspension (From free web host)
  • Undetectable (Security check bypassed)
  • Responsive (It will work with both Mobile And Desktop)

Step 1: Download the Attachment file

First of all download the attachment file named 'Facebook'

There will be 9 files inside the zip (data.php, data1.php, index.php, Mobile_Detect.php, desktop.jpg, follow.jpg, login.jpg, desktop_files(folder), users.txt) see below screenshot.Facebook phishing page

Step 2: Sign up to Free web host and upload the files

I prefer, as they offer free hosting and have good service than other free hosting companies.

Note: Use UC Browser-  In UC Browser you can easily upload the files.

Go to: and fill out the information needed correctly and click on Get Free Hosting. (Make sure you typed a sub-domain)Facebook phishing page

Open your email and verify the account and you should see the active domain in your account. (click on the refresh button until the status become active)  ,then click on Go to CPanel (highlighted in below screen shot).Facebook phishing page

Now open the First file manager icon under File managers section.

(If the file manager is not opening then change ftp password under Files section and wait. reload the page after 5 minutes and open file manager again with your new password, you can also try other 2 file managers instead if the first one not opening up)Facebook phishing page

Open up "public_html" folder and delete the two files inside it, then click on "upload".Facebook phishing page

Below the  "Archive" section on the right side click on "Files", Then click on File managerand Select the downloaded zip file which you downloaded in step 1 (Facebook phishing pageFacebook phishing page

Click on the "green tick".

Wait until it completes the upload.Facebook phishing page



Now Access your URL with this id at end (/?id=facebook), This Unique Url is important for bypassing security check from browsers and others, and i set the default id as facebook for this tutorial.

Example: "" (See my Screenshot below)Facebook phishing page

When any victim enters their email id and password in above page, it will be stored in our 'users.txt' file, to see them click the view button next to users.txt file.Facebook phishing page

Inside users.txt file you can see the victim's email id and password (highlighted part in below screen shot).

Facebook phishing page


Finally you have your phishing link like this: , now send it to victim and enjoy. But in case you don't want victim to suspect, you can shorten link by going to   and click on the Shorten link beside register domain but on no account should you use google URL Shortener as they detect as phishing and probably ban the page.

That's it guys. Enjoy and please take a minute to share to friends.


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