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Free Cell Phone Tracker, GPS SMS Tracker App : HoverWatch


Trace User Location With Special GPS Features Of Hoverwatch

Managing an office space is extremely difficult and requires the need of constant monitoring. Employees are sometimes bound to go haywire and if you are not keeping a proper check, then there is ample of reasons for you to be worried about. It is quite a common trend that workers will try to find some free time and engage in personal work through official systems. However this is one of the primary reasons why your work is bound to get hampered. Even though time for relaxation is absolutely necessary, doing so between urgent work hours is definitely not feasible. Now there might even be instances when there is a need to check employee records in order to make sure that no business details or trade secrets are being shared. Competitors look for such opportunities and this is going to cost you a lot. Hence saving yourself from such situations through tracking software is the best option you have at hand.

Monitor Without Hovering

As the boss of the company, you may feel the need to constantly go over the employee's desk and check his work. But this is a very uncomfortable situation for the worker and can even hamper his workflow. In several cases, you may even require to keep someone in charge to take a look into such activities. But practically this is going to be of no great help. In such cases, you need a more effective way to get an insight without making the situation any weirder. Hoverwatch plays a vital role in offering you such tracking services so that you are constantly aware of what is going on. It has been in the spy software industry for nearly 6 odd years and have about 12 million installations already made. So with this statistics, you already know how effective it is.

Features That Makes The Difference

Now usually most spy software available in the market focuses on one single sector and that is messaging, however this one in particular is multi faceted. Following are few of the features that separate it from the crowd:

  • With help of GPS, the location tracker works wonderfully and gives you a detailed view of where the phone is located at present and at what time.


  • Messages are recorded whether sent or received along with the name of the recipient and time. Deleted text messages also make it into the monitoring dashboard. Images and files sent over sms are also recorded.
  • Social media monitoring is also looked into with every message, image, video and file sent over Facebook and Whatsapp.
  • If the sim card of the device is being removed, then data of this act as well is sent over to the control panel.
  • One of the biggest benefits it serves is that it remains completely hidden from the user of the target device.
  • Apart from giving you a comprehensive detail of the call logs, recording the call is also made feasible along with the duration of call, location, recipient and much more.
  • Every time the home screen is unlocked, the front camera clicks the image of the user without notifying him and sends it over to the dashboard account of the controller.
  • Calendar, schedules and all the necessary to-do lists are monitored, saved and provided to you for monitoring.

Using The Application

Utilizing this software is like child's play. All you need to do is sign up for the free online account with your mail and password. Complete the download and installation process of the tracker on the preferred device and the next step is to simply start monitoring. With the personal dashboard account, you are going to receive every information there. The user interface is easy to use and even if you are doing it for the first time it is going to be an easy walk down the road.


Online Android Version – HoverWatch

Offline Windows Version – Refog

Requiring A Tracking Application

Considering the ample features that this tracker provides, there is no denying that you as the office boss can effectively spy over your workers without having to interfere in their workspace and hampering work relationship. Hoverwatch comes at a pretty decent price tag. With the family pack you can monitor up to 5 devices and for the personal use, one device can be tracked. Once you start using the application, the need of it will be amplified. Fitting into your requirements perfectly, this is one of the easiest to use tracking modes that does not require any expertise. So start using it and get rid of the apprehensions at workspace and continue workflow with complete faith on your employees.

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