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Fake Google: Beware! Google.com and ɢoogle.com are not the Same


Spam is almost at every corner of the web, and there's probably no means of completely getting rid of this problem. However, we need to keep an eye out, especially now since spammers are tricking web users to click on a fake Google.com link.

How To Spot Fake Google Site

No one should be surprised when they come across a spam website that tries to mimic the URL of the real thing, but this one is different because it came close. Internet users should be warned that this particular Google URL looks almost exactly the same. You see, we know the G in Google to be capitalized, and so is the G found on the fake one. However, this is a smaller capitalized G (ɢoogle).

Analytics Edge were the first to come across with this problem via its Google Analytics page. We decided to brave it and visited this strange website to see what's up. We can say for certain that this is not the real Google homepage; in fact, it looks nothing like it.

Google Analytics

Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election, so of course there's a note saying "Trump You Did It" and another praising Americans who voted Mr. Trump. Chances are, if Hillary Clinton had won, we'd be seeing the same thing because spammers jump on anything that is popular, so we won't view this as politically affiliated.

The page also has links to Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Amazon, Yahoo, and more. We wouldn't recommend clicking on these links because there's a good chance something bad could happen.

Some of the other links includes computer programs for download, tech websites and much more. These guys clearly thought of this, and will likely trick anyone who is not computer literate.

Now, as for the link itself, clicking on it brought us to this URL:


That's a long one, isn't it? Clear sign that this is a spam link rather than something that won't cause the user any form of harm.

What About That Weird ɢ?

It's not a G, in fact, it's a special character, Unicode 0262 to be exact. Now, it's part of a URL because international characters can now be added to domain names. Apparently, this was done to allow people to create domains in their native language, so not a bad idea. However, good ideas are usually used in bad ways at times.

fake-g-googleWe might come across a large increase in phishing until the public at large realizes what's going on. For now, we can only hope the public catches on quite fast before lasting damages are made.

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ES File Explorer Review: The Most Powerful File Manager for Android


Stock Android has always lacked a built-in file manager app and while that changed with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it's still not the full featured solution users are looking for. Also, while most smartphone makers include a file manager app on their devices, they aren't the best file managers out there. But there's nothing to worry about, as there are a ton of third party file manager apps available on the Play Store.

Chances are, you are already using a third party file manager and the one you are using is ES File Explorer, considering the app's huge popularity. However, if you are new to the Android ecosystem, you must be wondering which file manager to use, right? Well, we'll recommend you to use ES File Explorer, as it's arguably the most feature rich file manager out there. Still confused? Well, let's dive into the details to make up your mind.

WP-Appbox: ES File Explorer File Manager (Free, Google Play) →

Key Features

ES File Explorer is considered as the best file manager app by many and it's certainly not a surprise, with the app packing a ton of features. While we cannot list out all of its features, here are the best features of ES File Explorer:

1.  File Management Tools

ES File Explorer comes with all the basic and advanced file management tools you can imagine. You can copy, move, delete, rename, check details and share files form both internal storage and sd card. There's also support for batch actions, recycle bin, ability to hide files in the file manager, file compression or extraction, encryption and you can even make a backup of files, which is pretty handy.


Apart from the usual file manager features, ES also features a built-in viewer for almost all file types, which is amazing. Plus, for rooted Android devices, the file manager includes a root explorer, where you can tinker with system files, change system permissions etc.

2. Storage Analyst and Other Tools

ES File Explorer also analyzes your storage usage and informs you about any junk files, redundant files, large files etc., so that users can easily clean them up to free up space on their device while also speeding things up. There are a host of other tools like a download manager, system task manager and an app manager.


3. Cloud Storage Support

You are surely going to love the fact that ES File Explorer lets you switch between your local storage files and cloud storage files with ease. Plus, you can easily move files between the local and cloud storage. There's support for cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex, Box and more.


4. File Transfer

You can even use ES File Explorer as a file transfer app, as it lets you transfer files like audios, videos, documents, images etc. over a WiFi connection without using your mobile data. You can transfer files to another Android smartphone or even a PC and the good news is, there are no limitations on file size and type. Also, you can copy and paste files between Bluetooth paired devices. That's not all, as the app also supports network sharing.


5. Gestures

ES File Explorer lets you create custom gestures for various functions in the app. You can create a gesture to open a folder, file, app, window etc. or you can use a custom gesture to quickly close the app, exit a window and more, which is pretty cool.


User Interface

Now that you have an idea of the features in ES File Explorer, let's get to the user interface of the app. The UI of a file manager app matters a lot because you are going to do a lot of actions like moving, transferring or deleting files. Thankfully, ES File Explorer packs in a very intuitive interface, which makes managing files a breeze. The app opens up with the home page, which features categories for different file types like compressed, app, images, music, movies, documents etc. Scroll down and you will find all the recent files.


You can swipe from the left edge to open up the drawer, which packs in a plethora of options. You can jump to different folders, check out various tools, enable or disable features like Recycle Bin, Root Explorer, Gesture etc. You can also swipe from the right edge to open up the clipboard. The app also supports multiple windows, which means you can easily move files from one folder to another via just a simple swipe to the left or right from the center.


Also, there are a lot of customization options, so you can choose the view in the app from a lot of options. You can also change various display settings, to make sure you only see what you want to see in the main page of the app. Overall, we love the window switching, the always available clipboard and the various customization options on offer here.


Ease of Use

The ES File Explorer does pack in a lot of features but the developers have still managed to keep the app user friendly. Sure, some of the features in the app might feel overwhelming to you but I guess, this is the price you have to pay for a feature rich file manager app. Also, some features like the clipboard manager, windows etc. can be a little tough to discover for people who are new to the app but hey, we have already told you about that.

Apart from that, the usual file management features in the app work like a charm and it's quick, thanks to the multiple windows support and clipboard. We also like the integration with cloud storage services, which makes sure you have all your local files and cloud files at the same place. Other features of the app are easy to use as well. While users have complained about various ads, and app recommendations, we did not find them as a problem in our version of the app, so nothing to worry about there. Overall, we like the user experience in the ES File Explorer and this is definitely the file manager to get if you want a powerful full fledged file management tool.


  • Feature rich
  • Multiple windows support
  • Handy tools
  • Intuitive UI


  • A little overwhelming

ES File Explorer: Arguably the best file manager app for Android

With the number of features it brings, ES File Explorer is arguably the best file manager app for Android. It packs in all the advanced file managerial features, then there are smart tools, the ability to transfer files and more.

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