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Best Online Savings Account List Updated November 2016


"Find the best high yield online savings account" is always my advice when people ask me for recommendations on where to park their money allocated for possible short term use. These high yield online savings accounts have:

  1. Liquidity and Flexibility – Money is accessible right away via online transfers (available usually in 2 business days)
  2. Safety – FDIC insured (bullet proof)
  3. High Yield with Good Rates – Pretty much the highest return on your money for the safety that it provides right now.

Many institutions are reducing their once high yields down to levels that are close to zero, but some online savings accounts are still offering rates that are worth the effort to seek out. If you have cash sitting somewhere not collecting interests, you ought to look at these high yield accounts as an investment vehicle that's virtually bulletproof. Here are a few that I have personal experience with and feel comfortable recommending. This list is up to date as of November 2016.

Discover Bank Online Savings Account

Discover as a credit card issuer is no stranger to us, but Discover as a bank might be. They are now a FDIC member bank and have started offering an online savings account option of their own. Initially, their user interface was really lacking but they are starting to make improvements to it that makes it a solid choice for consumers. If you are interested, check them out and see how they stack up.

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  • Current Yield – 0.95%
  • FDIC Insured So Your Money, Up to $250,000 Per Account, Is Safe
  • Requirement for High Deposit is Unknown But Their Premium High Yield Savings Account Has a Higher Rate
  • Interest Rate Trend in the Last Month: Steady

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EverBank Yield Pledge

everbankEverBank is one of those online banks that you should definitely take a look, because they have always been offering rates among the best in the industry. For further information, read my EverBank Review)

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  • Current Yield – 1.40% (New Accounts Get This Bonus Rate for 6 Months on Up to $50k)
  • 1.01% APY for the First Year (Up to $50k, and Must Be First Time Money Market Customer)
  • FDIC Insured
  • Even the Checking Account has Amazing Yield
  • Interest Rate Trend in the Last Month: Steady

Click Here to Go to

FNBO Direct Online Savings Account

fnbo directFrom a local bank that started in Omaha during 1857, First National grew to having over $20 billion in managed assets with 7,500 employees in over 150 years. Being the biggest private bank in the United States, First National also prides itself as providing one of the best (if not the best) customer service in the whole industry (Here's a more in-depth review of FNBO Direct).

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  • Current Yield – 0.75%
  • FDIC Insured
  • Biggest Private Bank with Outstanding Customer Service
  • Interest Rate Trend in the Last Month: Steady

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And for those interested in looking at more options, here is a full list Bankrate helped put together:

How to Find the Best Online Savings Account

When we compare different products at first, we look at all the bells and whistles but we usually end up caring about none of them after we start using the service. What I found with online savings accounts are that:

  • Pretty much all of them are FDIC insured.
  • The difference in interface means nothing because I get used to it after a while.
  • Some features, like the FNBO Direct free bill pay or a debit card, are great but I can always find an alternative way of accomplishing the same thing.

So nowadays, all I really care about is the rate, and the history of how the institution lowers and raises rates. To that end (and this is subjective), my ranking for the banks are:

  1. Discover Bank – The rates are among the highest, but if you qualify for its premium level interest rates, it gets even better.
  2. FNBO Direct – The website is simple (which is a good thing) and easy to use, plus the rate is amongst the best out there. FNBO could easily be first as their rates go up in the future.
  3. EverBank – The bank has always provided one of the best rates out there, so it's well worth a look since you never know how the rates will change in the future.

Note: Once again, this is subjective so take the ranking with a grain of salt. Also note that there are many options out there and these are actually the ones I recommend. So just because Everbank appears last doesn't mean it's no good. In fact, I still highly recommend them to anyone that asks.

How Online Savings Accounts Save You Money

If setting up an online savings account is something you would like to pursue, you will want to know how to save money with online savings accounts.

First, you need to have a bit of savings to open an online savings account. No, it's not because of the account minimums which is at $1 for some banks, but rather for the effort to make a difference for you. Since this account will be accessible for transfers between this account and your regular savings and checking accounts, you can use these funds however you want, to pay bills, replenish your checking account, etc. But you must keep in mind that it can take up to 4 days to have funds from an online savings account transferred into another account.

Although this instant inaccessibility may at first seem like a drag, in the long run, you may find that it acts as a deterrent for reckless spending. You cannot access this account in any other way than by transfer. For most options, no checks can be written from an online savings account, nor can you access it by ATM.

Online savings accounts can garner interest rates as high as 6 percent (in the good old days) and more than 2 percent (currently), so why would you let your money set in a regular low interest savings account?

To begin, look at the list above for the best rates. There are even online savings accounts available from well known banking concerns that have been around for generations.

Once you have selected the place you want to open an account, click through to their website and fill out the necessary online forms. The questions are the same as those you need to answer when opening up any bank account but the do it yourself approach usually saves you quite a bit of time.

Since there are no fees imposed when transferring funds from one account to another, you may find that you want to open more than one online savings account and take advantage of any higher interest rates being offered. There is no limit to the amount of transfers you can make between accounts.

Investing in other investments may offer higher returns, but an online savings account lets you transfer funds without penalties or added fees. Although your money is in a secure place, you can transfer it to your regular checking or savings account whenever you want, keeping in mind that the transfer can take up to 4 days. You can also transfer funds from your regular checking and savings account into your online account at any time, thus taking advantage of the higher interest rates online savings accounts offer.

So you make money with online savings accounts because of the higher interests they pay, and, because it takes days to finalize a transfer, you are less likely to use funds from your account, thus allowing a profit buildup that you would not garner in a regular savings account.

How to Get a Better Experience with Online Savings Accounts

One of the biggest fears of opening an online savings account is the fact that there is no physical branch. For some, there's a misconception that for some reason, it's not as safe if you run into any problems. In fact, many people on the web have expressed concerns with different banks even though the banks themselves offer a solid savings product. If you want to keep your sanity and take advantage of the higher yield that these savings account offers, here are some tips for you.

  • Account Opening – Make sure you are filling out the correct information to avoid your account being put on hold. Most of these banks will automatically approve you if everything checks out, but this won't be the case if you say, your social security number doesn't match your name. Also, some people would mistakenly type in the wrong initial deposit amount and expect the online bank to correct it on the fly. If it's your mistake, own up to it and work with the banks nicely to see if either institution will reimburse the overdraft fees charged.
  • It's a SAVINGS Account – Even though it's very convenient, it is still a savings account. So many people treat it like a checking account and try to pay bills with it even though it's not the intention. Consequently, they run into the six withdrawal per month limit set by the government and complain why they are charged a fee.
  • Initial Deposit Hold – Most of the banks will hold your initial deposit while they try to receive your funds. Expect five to ten days where your money will be inaccessible at the beginning. Fortunately, your bank will allow you to start earning interest on your money even though it seems to be inaccessible.
  • Transfer Takes Time – Like it or not, transferring money from one bank to another takes time. In most cases, it takes three business days or so. Again, this is a savings account. If you expect every transfer to be instant, perhaps you should keep your money at your local bank earning 0.10% interest annually.

Of course, some of the complains of certain companies are legitimate and should be addressed on a case by case scenario, but most of us have nothing to worry about as long as we follow some simple guidelines.

What is an Online Savings Account?

If you are interested in earning the highest possible interest rates on your savings account, you need to ask yourself the question, "what is an online savings account." An online savings account is an essential money management tool that allows you to maximize the interest rate you get on your money, while minimizing the risk associated with higher interest rate investments like stocks, bonds or other investment vehicles.

An online savings account is a traditional savings account, like those you would find at a standard brick and mortar bank or credit union. An online savings account is simply a method of putting your money into a savings account and earning interest. Most online savings accounts are FDIC insured, up to the maximum limits for an FDIC insured account. They are thus risk free savings vehicles that allow you to earn interest on your money.

An online savings account may have many benefits over a more traditional brick and mortar account. The main benefit is that you tend to earn a higher interest rate on money in an online savings account. As of 2009, the interest rates for online accounts could be as much as 3.0% higher than an interest rate paid on a traditional bank account opened at a local bank.

Online savings accounts are able to offer higher interest rates because they tend to have lower operating costs then a traditional bank. While a traditional bank must maintain a building, and pay tellers and other customer service personnel, an online savings bank does not typically have standard retail banks. All transactions, including most customer service activities, are conducted over the Internet. The online banks take advantage of these lower overhead costs to pass the savings on to consumers in the form of higher interest rates. This helps online banks attract customers and encourages customers to invest their savings in one of these Internet institutions.

Online Savings Accounts Versus Traditional Savings Accounts

There are a number of differences between online savings accounts and traditional savings accounts. The main difference, of course, is the higher interest rate paid by an online account. However, there are several other important differences that you should consider when opening an online bank account.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money

When you deposit money in an online savings account, you must do so wirelessly. There is no ATM to go to to deposit your paycheck and no teller window to go to where you can hand over cash. This means you either must send in a traditional paper check, or use a completely wireless method of transferring money.

ACH transfers or wire transfers are the most popular way to fund online savings accounts. You can initiate a transfer from the online savings institution or from your own local bank. If you initiate a transfer of money from the online savings account website, you give the online account access to your local bank account. The online account then transfers the money from your traditional bank account into their account. The withdraw will show up as a withdrawal on your bank statement. In many cases, no fees are charged for this. You can also initiate the money transfer from your bank to your online account, setting it up as a bank-to-bank transfer. In some cases, there are fees associated with this, so ensure you check your local bank's rules regarding transferring money electronically online.

Withdrawing money works in much the same way. Your online savings account will either allow you to transfer money from the account to your regular bank, or they will send you a check for the amount of money you want to take out. Again, there may or may not be a fee charged for these services, so check the rules with your online savings account.

As a savings account, you do not have "check writing" privileges from your online savings account. This means you cannot usually make bill payments directly from your online savings account. In most cases, you cannot make payments directly from any savings accounts, since the purpose is to save the money and not spend it, so in this regard there is little difference between your online savings account and a standard savings account.

Customer Service Options & Banking Interface

Most online savings accounts also offer online customer service. This can come in the form of email support or online live chats. Some online banks offer traditional 1-800 numbers where you can get customer service help and advice as well. Again, there is no physical location so you cannot go and speak to someone in person about questions with your online savings account. You must be comfortable interfacing with your account primarily in an Internet format, so make sure the website for your online bank is easy to navigate.

Interest Rates on Online Savings Accounts

Since the major benefit to online savings account is a higher interest rate then a traditional account, you will want to make sure you get the best interest rate possible. You can do this by using one of the many online tools available to compare interest rates for online savings accounts.

Some of the online savings accounts that pay the highest interest rate have high minimum or daily balances for opening an account. This means you must open the account with a set amount of money and keep that amount of money in the account on a daily basis. Ensure that you check these rules when opening an account so you do not end up being charged fees.

Opening an Online Savings Account

Online savings accounts can be opened online from the website of the bank that you select. Many online savings accounts will offer you a bonus or incentive for opening an account or making an initial deposit. These bonuses can range from $25 to over $100 or can come in the form of a free gift. Some online savings accounts even offer a referral bonus if you get friends and family to open an online account with their bank. Be on the lookout for these offers to maximize your potential savings and to jump start your online savings account.

Restrictions on Online Savings Accounts You Should Know About

Online savings accounts have a number of potential upsides, including higher interest rates than traditional accounts, but unfortunately there are a number of restrictions on online savings accounts that you should be aware of before you invest your money online.

Minimum Balance Requirements

Some of the highest paying online savings accounts have minimum opening balances or minimum daily balances. This means you have to have a certain amount of money to open an account, and you have to have a certain amount of money in there at all times. If you allow your balance to dip below these mandated minimums, you could find yourself facing hefty fees and charges. These fees and charges may negate all of the potential benefit you get from the higher interest rate.

Monthly Contribution Requirements

Online savings accounts may also require you to contribute or add a certain amount of money each month. One of the highest paying online savings accounts, offered by WestBank, requires a monthly contribution. Certain other accounts have this stipulation as well. The minimum amount you need to contribute each month varies, but be aware of this and ensure that you can fulfill the rules before signing up for an online savings account that has this feature.

Limit on Transfers and Withdrawals

Some online savings accounts limit the number of transfers you can make to the account. Both adding money and taking money out can be limited. Money markets, for example, are one of the highest paying online savings accounts, but these types of accounts have the most restrictions on online savings accounts.
Federal rules mandate that in most money market accounts, no more then six withdrawals or transfers occur on a monthly basis. This means that you cannot put money in or take money out at will; you must comply with these regulations.

Some online savings banks also add their own limitations and rules for getting money into, or out of, the account. These rules can cover everything form how much you are allowed to take out at one time, to how often you can take out money. If you are uncomfortable about these types of restrictions, don't choose an online savings account that puts these limitations on you. However, understand that many of the higher interest rate accounts do have some type of regulations regarding access to your cash.

Slow Withdrawals and Deposits

Savings accounts in general, including online savings accounts, don't usually come with a debit or ATM card for fast access to your cash. Money in a savings account is meant to be saved. However, when you have a savings account at a standard local bank, you can walk into the bank and take out money if you need it. This is not the case with online savings accounts, which by definition exist online and not in person.

Since there is no local branch, you need to wait for funds to transfer if you want to deposit money or if you need access to your savings. Depending on the bank, this wait can be anywhere from two to three days to a week or more. The method by which you get your money can also be limiting. Most online banks will either transfer money from your online savings account into a standard bank account, or will send you a check. Both of these things take time, and there may be fees associated with them. If you need fast access to your savings on a regular basis, this restriction for online savings account may prove to be an impossible barrier for you to overcome.

Customer Service Issues

With online savings accounts, the days of the friendly neighborhood banker are officially gone. There are no tellers for you to see, and no local bank branch with a helpful manager who you can go to with your concerns. Most online savings accounts offer customer support through email or through online chat. If they do have a telephone number, the telephone calls may be routed overseas, or there may be long hold times or limited support.

If you are not comfortable navigating a web environment, an online savings account may not be right for you. Most websites are easy to use and provide features that are designed to help the customer, but a certain amount of technical know-how is still required to find your way around the site and get the technical help you need.

Interest Rate Caps

While online savings accounts tend to pay more then in-person savings accounts, the interest rates are nowhere near as high in 2009 as they were in times before the recession and the fall of the stock market. In 2006, 2007 and even into 2008, it was possible to find online savings accounts or money market accounts that offered an interest rate somewhere between three percent and five percent.

Though online savings account rates are good for an FDIC insured account where your money is safe, the rates may not match the rate-of-return you could get with other investments. You will need to weigh the risks of other higher return investments with the relative safety, but lower interest, growth of online savings accounts to determine whether this investment option is the right choice for your money.

Evaluating Online Savings Account Restrictions

When selecting an online savings account, consider what is most important to you. You will need to look at your own personal income situation, the likelihood that you will need ready access to your money, and your comfort and familiarity with web based banking. While the decision to use an online savings account may not be right for everyone, if you do not feel the restrictions are inhibiting, then it may be the best solution for your monetary investment. An online savings account can certainly help money grow faster then a local savings account with a smaller interest rate, and in many cases it makes sense to get the most interest for your money.

Interview with an Industry Expert on Online Savings Accounts

Even experts agree. Online savings accounts are a much better option for your savings. Here's an interview with's senior analyst Greg McBride and his take on these high yield savings.


6 Things to Do Before You Buy Your Next Car


Now that my son is 14 and getting ready for a driver's permit, I've been thinking quite a bit about buying a car. (Yes, you read that right. In Idaho, you are eligible for a permit at 14 and a license at 15.)

It's a few years since I've bought a car; I tend to buy something late model that I like and then drive it for as long as possible.

As I get ready to move forward with a vehicle for my son, here's how I'm preparing to make the decision:

1. Figure Out What You Need

It's not always about what you want, but what you need. My son doesn't need something nice. What he needs is something that will get him from point A to point B around town. At his age, he doesn't need something that will help him go on an epic road trip. I just want him to get himself to fencing practice and (eventually) work.

2. Acknowledge What's Practical

This is about tempering expectations. When I bought a Saturn wagon 14 years ago, what I really wanted was a Subaru. It just wasn't practical at that time. The car didn't fit in the budget and the Subarus that did were old with high mileage. Before you buy, be realistic about your situation. I got the car I wanted eventually, but only after nearly 10 years of driving a car I didn't really care to own.

3. Check Into Your Credit

Do you know where you stand with your financial reputation? You'll get better loan terms and be in a better position to negotiate if you have good credit. Look at your credit report to see if there are errors that could drag you down. Also, have a look at your consumer credit scores from free sites like Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and Quizzle. While they aren't "official," they can give you a good idea of where you stand.

4. Know Your Budget

You can use car loan calculators to figure out monthly payments versus total loan amounts ahead of time. Know your budget, and be prepared to stand firm. Once you get to the dealer, there's a good chance they will try to nudge you a bit by focusing on a monthly payment and convincing you to get a 60-month or 72-month loan. Figure out a total price you want to pay for the car, and stick to that.

5. Research the Options

Do your homework. I'm already pretty certain my son is getting an older Toyota or Honda, or maybe a slightly newer Ford Focus. It's about low cost and a degree of reliability. I'd also be willing to get a Focus because there are a lot of good places around where I live that work on Fords, and because it's easy and (relatively) inexpensive to find parts. Figure out what works best in terms of safety, reliability, fuel economy, and other items.

Consider Certified Pre-Owned or a lease return if you'd like a newer but used car. These are lower cost, but still come with warranties and other perks.

6. Look for Incentives and Sales

I bought my Subaru during a year-end clearance when there were dealer and manufacturer incentives. I got great financing because of my good credit (1.9% APR) and incentives that meant my new car cost less than an equivalent used car. Check to see what's available before you get out there, then use that information to negotiate the best terms.


5 Effective Ways To Protect Yourself from Rising Inflation


dollar squeezedIt is no mystery to anyone that the US government has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy, all while holding interest rates at record lows over the past two years. Anyone with a basic concept of supply and demand, with all of these dollars in our economic system, will fear that rising inflation is becoming more and more imminent as each day passes.

Even though our government is doing everything they can to get our economy back on its feet, we as financially educated individuals must find ways to protect ourselves against the possibility that we may be facing future periods of serious inflation…and even worse…hyper-inflation.

Below are some key ways and investing strategies you can implement into your financial plans and portfolios to make sure you don't fall victim to a diminished purchasing power.

Follow at least one of these investing strategies, and you will counterbalance the effect of inflation. Follow two, and you will thrive when inflation starts to rise. Follow three, well, use your imagination!

1) Buy Physical Gold and Silver

gold bars
By investing your dollars into physical assets such as gold or silver, you fully protect yourself as inflation increases or decreases. As the value of the dollar goes down, the price of these precious metals tend to increase in value.

Additionally, a metal like silver differs with gold because it is in limited supply, and is used by big companies around the world. Where gold is hoarded, silver is still used and will only increase in value as the silver supply continues to decrease over time. Having a mix of both of these precious metals on hand is a great way to protect yourself from rising inflation. Just be sure that you have the metals on hand and purchase them from a certified dealer so you won't be scammed.

2) Invest In Other Currency

If the American currency decreases in value, other currencies will increase in value (at least relatively). Last time I checked, the Euro is 1.5 times the value of the dollar, but don't quote me on it. Be sure that you know what you are doing if you choose to invest in other currencies as this can be extremely risky if you are clueless as to how this works.

If you play the market right though, you will still end up on top by diversifying your currency holdings in your portfolio of investments. Again, be sure that you have physical currency on hand, as purchasing "derivatives" of paper currency in the market can be manipulated and leave you with more risk than if you physically held it.

3) Invest in Positive Cashflow Producing Real Estate

real estate
When investing your money into real estate outside of your personal residence, be sure that the properties you invest in will turn a positive cash flow on a monthly basis. If you don't know what that means, be sure that the income from the renter's monthly rent covers all of the expenses of maintaining the property. Also, budget to have some left over for yourself as this becomes passive income.

The beauty of owning cash flow producing real estate is that not only do you make money on a monthly basis, you are also exposed to the possibility of asset appreciation. Additionally, you get to create phantom income as you write off on the depreciation of the structure of the property over time. Whatever you do, do not invest in something that will turn a negative cash flow from day one…this property will eat you alive…even if it increases in value. Before you decide to invest in a piece of property, I would highly suggest that you get professional advice from your advisers and mentors.

4) Start a Business

start a businessBy starting a business, you also begin to build an asset that increases or decreases in value as inflation rises or falls. The inflation rate doesn't directly impact the value of your business, but it certainly affects what you can charge for your goods and services that you provide to the market.

By managing your business cash flow each month, you can cushion the effect of inflation and also leverage the extra cash flow to invest in real estate and physical precious metals. On the other hand, working at a job gives you very little, if any, control over the income you make.

Even if you just start a side business, get something going!

5) Find The Highest Interest Bearing Saving's and Checking Accounts

high interest savings
No matter what, we all will need to have some cash on hand at all times even if inflation gets really bad. To put you in the best position possible, be sure to keep your money in the highest paying savings/checking accounts or in treasury inflation-protection securities (TIPS).

As inflation rises, your money will be safer in these vehicles compared to those that don't accumulate interest, or more speculative investments. Having cash on hand is important no matter what the inflation rate is. Just be sure that you are being paid the highest interest rate possible no matter where you keep your money.

These are the best tips I can give you to help you weather any "inflation storm" that we our bound to experience. If you have any other suggestions for readers please feel free to share them in the comments!

Editor's Note: I've begun tracking my assets through Personal Capital. I'm only using the free service so far and I no longer have to log into all the different accounts just to pull the numbers. And with a single screen showing all my assets, it's much easier to figure out when I need to rebalance or where I stand on the path to financial independence.


Airtel Overjara Code and Call Rate

The Airtel Nigeria overjara plan (smartconnect) is an Airtel prepaid plan that simply lets new customers on the Airtel network enjoy bonus 6 times the value of EVERY recharge. In additional to the usual 6X bonus, on every recharge of N100 and above, you will get 100% of your recharge as family and friends bonus; another 100% of your recharge for Whatsapp chat, Twitter and Facebook. All bonuses are valid for 7 days and can be rolled over.

For example, if you load N200 Airtel recharge card, you will get N200 in your main account, an additional bonus N500 for calls to all networks and N500 (equivalent to 100MB) for internet browsing. You will also get N200 to call Family and Friends and N200 for Whatsapp etc


Sorry, there is no migration code for the Airtel Overjara plan.

If you want to enjoy the overjara bonus, you have to buy new Airtel sim card, register the sim and load Airtel recharge card on it to enjoy 6 times (6x) the value of EVERY recharge of N100 and above.

You can recharge Airtel line by using the code : *126*pin#

Airtel etopup i.e ERC recharges also qualify for 6 times bonus.

You can check the balance of your Airtel OverJara plan by dialing the code : *123#

airtel overjara tariff plan bonus


==> Calls from Main Account and Bonus Account will be charged at N50/sec.
==> Data Bonus will be charged at N5/MB.


The following tips tell you how to get the most from your Airtel Overjara SIM:

==> Recharge your line within the 7 day expiry period for your bonus or before you finish your credit.
==> Register family and friends to enjoy the family and friends bonus on every recharge.
==> Download and install Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook to enjoy the free social bonus valid for 7 days.

Airtel overjara bonuses have seven day validity. You can continuously roll over your bonuses if you recharge your lines within the seven day validity of your existing bonus.

You can get more info about Airtel Overjara plan at :


iTel it1520 Photos, Specification and Price In Nigeria

Itel it1520 smartphone, is a metallic smartphone designed for those that like shinny and smart mobile phones, coming with a big 5.0 inch screen size and interesting 32GB internal storage, 4G LTE and massive 2500mAH battery.

The phone is packed with 1.3GHZ dual-core processor, 32GB internal storage, 2GB Ram. A camera of just 13 megapixels rear and 13 megapixels front, this probably is not a camera phone. Pre-loaded with powerful google android OS version 6.0 marshmallow.


itel_it1520 itel-it1520-selfie-phone


General Specifications
Operating System: Android
OS Version: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Device Type: Touchscreen
USB Connector Type: Micro USB
Features: Iris Scanner, GPS, FM Radio
Weight: 155 grams
Connectivity: 4G LTE (India Compatible), 3G, 2G, WiFi, Bluetooth, VoLTE
Audio Jack: 3.5mm
Color: Black

SIM Card Slots: Dual
Network Type: GSM
SIM Card Type: Micro SIM

Rear Camera Resolution: 13MP
Front Camera Resolution: 13MP
Camera Features: Autofocus, LED Flash

Screen Size: 5 inch
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Screen Type: LCD
Pixel Density: 294 PPI

Internal Storage: 16GB
Card Slot: Yes
Maximum Card Slot Capacity: 32G

Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
Battery Type: Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Removable Battery: Yes


The price of this Itel it1520 phone is ₦35,000.00


Click HERE To Buy Itel it1520 On Jumia Nigeria


Blackberry DTEK50 Photos, Specifications and Price In Nigeria.

Blackberry DTEK50 is the second blackberry smartphone to run on Android operating system. The key specs include a 5.2 inch screen, 3GB RAM, 16GB internal storage and 2610mAh battery.

Blackberry DTEK50 is the most secure blackberry phone ever, and also the most secure android phone in the market. Blackberry DTEK50 is a mid-range device that runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.




SIM Type: Dual SIM (Micro SIM and Standby)
4G LTE: Yes
OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Display: 5.2-inch IPS Display, 1080 x 1920 pixels (424ppi)
Build: Plastic
Colours: Black
Processor Type: 64-bit, Octa-core Processor: 1.8GHz quad-core and 1.2GHz quad-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 617)
Graphics Processor: Adreno 405
Internal Storage: 16GB
External Storage: Yes , up to 128GB
Back Camera: 13 MP Camera, dual-LED Flash, 1080p HD Video
Front Camera: 8 MP Camera, 1080p HD Video
Battery: 2610mAh.


Price of Blackberry DTEK50 at Konga is ₦155,500


Click HERE To Buy Blackberry DTEK50 On Konga.



Yudala Infinix Zero 4 Price Slashed As Black Friday Deal

Yudala Nigeria is currently giving out discount on selected products to those that shop at Yudala online store and at Yudala offline retails shops during the black friday weekend sales event which will end on November 28th, 2016.
One of the selected products is the Infinix Zero 4 Android smartphone (aka "The Pro").
The price of Infinix Zero 4 during the Yudala black friday 2016 sales event is N92, 400 instead of N96,400.
This means if you place order for the Infinix smartphone before the Yudala black friday deal ends, you will get N4,000 discount.
So, click here to order now.

yudala infinix zero 4 price black friday


  • Screen: 5.5″
  • Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow + XOS
  • Processor: Octa-Core 64-bit MediaTek Processor
  • Memory: 3GB / 32GB
  • SIM: Dual SIM, Nano
  • Camera: 16MP AF Back Camera, 8MP Front Camera

Apple Working With LG On 3D Camera For iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 is likely to feature some radical changes in terms of design and features, and it looks like a 3D camera might be just a possibility. Apple is working with LG Innotek to develop a smartphone camera module that will enable 3D photography. The report points out LG Innotek's 3D dual rear camera module could be used in Apple's new products starting as early as latter half of 2017.


Apple is now studying how to apply its 3D camera technology into LG Innotek's smartphone camera. Since LG Innotek also has its own 3D camera and related technologies, such joint efforts will likely to bear fruit sometime within next year.

The year 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of iPhone and Apple is expected to radically overhaul the iPhone 8 in terms of design and features. Latest rumours around the phone suggest Apple will bring wireless charging for the first time with its iPhone 8.

Kuo has said that the larger 5.5-inch 'Plus' model will no more be the high-end flagship, with the OLED iPhone expected to be technically superior to the other two phones. He has also said that the optical image stabilization (OIS) will be coming to both the wide-angle and telephoto lens next year.


MOBILE PHONESInnjoo Fire 2 Plus Photos, Specification, Features and Price in Nigeria

Innjoo fire 2 plus LTE is 5.5-inch 4G smartphone. Th android phone comes with 16GB internal memory and 2GB RAM.The OS is Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Packed with 4600mAh large capacity, 611 high density rechargeable battery, 9V&2A charger type, 16W high charge power, these all ensure the phone could be charged fully within a short 1.5 hours, what's more, it ensures 180 hours standby with just 10 minutes charge time.


General Information
2G Network: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G Network: HSDPA 900 / 2100
4G Network: LTE
SIM: Dual mini SIM
Status: Available 2015

Dimensions: 143.5 x 69.4 x 7.9 mm, 134 grams
Keyboard: Touchscreen
Colors: White, Ash, Gold
Cover: Plastic

Type: IPS capacitive touchscreen with 16,000,000 colors
Size: 5.0 inches, 720 x 1280 pixels, 294 pixels per inch (PPI)





Memory And OS
Card slot: MicroSD card, up to 32GB
Internal: 16GB
OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop

Alert types Vibration, MP3 ringtones
Loudspeaker: Yes
Audio port 3.5mm jack

2G: GPRS – up to 85.6 kbps; EDGE – up to 236.8 kbps
3G: Up to 150 mbps downlink; Up to 50 mbps uplink
4G: Up to 150 mbps downlink; Up to 50 mbps uplink
WIFI: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WIFI hotspot, Wi-Fi direct
Bluetooth: Yes


The price of this INNJOO FIRE 2 PLUS phone is ₦52,000.00



55 Best Apps for College Students: The Uncut College Apps List

Studying in one of the top Colleges in the US is quite different from studying in some other Universities. In this days of smart cell phones, PC, PDA and tablets: the need for time management apps, self-control apps, science apps and digital translating apps is almost inevitable.
From note taking, budget management to research documentation, dictionary and equation solving apps, this list takes into account the needs of college students and list college apps that can help with them.
In this list, we'll feature both paid and free college apps for students in general (science, arts etc.). Web apps (for PC), cell phone (android, iPhone, blackberry 10) apps & tablets apps are listed so no one gets left out in our listicle.
See how to install APK (apps) for here or see the Google play store alternatives for blackberry 10 devices here.

Top 55 Great Apps for College Students

Read the app's description to see if it is going to be useful to you. Installing as mush as 55 apps isn't going to let you concentrate on your course of study. So, the fewer, the better!
Some of the apps listed here do have similar functions and so should be taken as an alternative where the favorite one fails.

1. Encyclopaedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia BritannicaEncyclopaedia Britannica is a digital learning suite for college students and professionals alike. The database structure is similar to the defunct Microsoft Encarta Cd/DVD encyclopedia and has lots of contents for your research and projects.
Encyclopaedia Britannica have good app for web, DVD encyclopedia software for PC, App for iOSmobile browser app and study app for kids.

2. Cam Scanner

CamScanner HD
Cam Scanner is another useful app for college students, it helps you scan documents on the go and with super precision. The premium version allows you to scan and copy text from scanned document.
An app like CamScanner can increase productivity by 100%, saves you the time of copying text from cyber café, friend's note or even the lecturer's handout.
There is –

3. Mathway

Mathway college app
Mathway is a good college app to use for mathematics, science and algebraic equations. It comes handy when trying to verify solving for your home work and science projects.
It isn't just a free college app but one that's really worth buying. The premium version eliminates ads and other features restricted in the free app.
Mathway was featured on our earlier post on 5 Free Software Apps to Solve Maths and Scientific Equations and can downloaded from any of the links below.

4. Evernote

evernote app for students
Evernote is an app to have in 2015 as a college student, professional, applicant or even as a super user of smart cell phones and tablets.
Evernote is not only mobile but saves documents, notes and events directly to the cloud and can be accessed at home with a computer, at school with a smart phone and at the library with a tablet and/or person digital assistance (PDA).
Get a copy of evernote today to increase productivity as a student. There's a version for Windows PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone and tablets.

5. Math Expert

maths expert app for students
Math Expert, just like mathway is a free app for students, will come handy for leisure studies and can be used to relearn maths or play with some maths exercises.
Math Expert is available free on the Google play store. We also have the FX Math Solver (f0r iOS) and Mathematics (for Android): other great apps for students and professionals.

6. Translators

babylon translator for cell phones and tabletsCollege students of linguistic studies can make use of these good college apps for their studies, for this category we have two great apps that are best for translating text to different languages.
  •   Google Translate: This is hands-down the best text translator app for smart phones, tablets and PC. Google translate cell phone and tablets app is available free on AndroidiOS, Windows mobile, Blackberry 10 and Web app.
  • Babylon: This is another good translator mobile apps, must have alternative app for college students studying linguistics and languages. Babylon is available for free download on Windows MobileAmazon (for BB10) and on Apples app store as iBabylon and as Babylon translator on the Google play store.

7. Dictionaries

offline dictionaries app for studentsDictionaries is very essential and at such should be with you every time of the day, there's the dictionary for idioms and idiomatic expressions, dictionaries for law and medical science, engineering dictionary and IT dictionaries to mention but a few.
But for the sake of this list, our attention will be on the 3 best dictionaries for college students.
  • This is one of the best free dictionary app for students, has really comprehensive database for words and its meaning. It available free for Android / iOS / Blackberry 10 / Windows mobile and other operating systems.
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Merriam-Webster Dictionary (iOS / Android) is comprehensive mobile dictionary for cell phones and tablets
  • Offline Dictionaries: Offline Dictionaries (Android) is another great college app for students. With this app, you can study English words like a pro, get access to thesaurus and English other languages studies

8. Exam Vocabulary Builder

vocabulary building app for studentsExam Vocabulary Builder helps you prepare for graduate school exams, university entrance exams and professional advancement test.
It can also come in handy for projects, increasing language skill and for home work. It is available free on the apple iTunes store. There's a good alternative for android here.

9. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific CalculatorRealCalc Scientific Calculator is one of my favorite college apps as it can serve both students of arts and those in sciences.
Once plugged into your smart phone, it goes with you everywhere else. The functions are big enough to solve all basic college mathematics problems.

10. Google Drive

Google Drive cloud storage app
Google Drive (download) does not only offer cloud storage access but does it with a difference. You get to sync doc, notes, pdf and study materials for easy access.
Google Drive for a university student is a collection of office and publishing utilities that helps sync documents and increase productivity.
It available for web and all popular mobile operating systems.

11. Pocket

Pocket [AndroidiOS] works just like evernote but with unique features of its own. With Pocket, you can bookmark interesting links, save voice notes, images, videos and other interesting contents you'll like to read later.
It is available for free download on popular platforms. Use to download for your device.

12. DocScan

Doc Scan is a great alternative for students who aren't willing to pay the exorbitant subscription fee for camscanner premium.
It is a good iOS app for college students. It is free on apple iTunes store.

13. Engineering Professional

Engineering Professional app just like the IT and Computer Dictionary app mentioned above is targeted at college students studying engineering related courses.
It combines all the formulas from Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Hydrology and Mechanical Engineering formulator apps (which are from the same developer).
Every engineering student that have some bucks to spare should go for it. I really found it a useful app to have as an engineering student in the university, polytechnic and/or college of education.

14. BenchPrep

BenchPrep is like a learning management system that's built with college students in mind. The web app is flexible and their intelligent techniques makes learning fun and super cheap.
BenchPrep's robust technology offers a game-changing learning experience with really advanced learning data, algorithm and analytics.
You can register with their student's oriented services via and then, download the iOS or android app depending on your cell phone's operating system.

15. Coursera

Coursera is one of my favorite apps, it has a database of many university's courses to improve your outdated course materials and lecturer notes.
Coursera is open to users from anywhere around the world, even non-US students can study and research with course materials from US top universities such as Stanford, Yale, Princeton and Europe's top colleges. 
The web app is here, so is that of android and iOS.

16. EasyBib

EasyBib is a productivity app to automatically generate accurate citation for works. It helps you to automatically create citations for your bibliography.
It is available free for iOS and Android devices.

17. Dropbox

Dropbox box helps you share researched documents and files remotely. It is a cloud storage app that automatically sync your work across all the devices you own.
You have up to 2GB of space and can share files with groups and friends over the cloud. There's an app for PC, phone and tablets.

18. Kindle

Kindle is available for download free on Google's android play store, Apple's iTunes app store and Microsoft's windows mobile store.
It is like a mobile digital library with millions of books and articles. This app can be used for research, studies and pleasure reading during leisure and lecture-free times.

19. iTunes University

iTunes University (iTunes U) app provides all the tools an instructor needs to bring their classroom together on iOS. Build lessons with apps and your own materials, collect and grade assignments from students, discuss one-on-one or in groups, and annotate PDF assignments.
at iTunes University (iTunes U), anyone with an iOS device such as the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can learn from the collection of free education content.
Download link – iPhoneiPad

20. GoConqr

GoConqr (previously ExamTime) is a splendid app that helps students study smarter. From timetabling, setting goals, planning to sharing and collaboration, GoConqr productivity app is a good tool to have in your day to day studies.
GoConqr has both the iOS and Android versions and works splendidly as a great educative app with Mind Maps and group learning features.
Continue reading by clicking on the next button below, the next page would reveal the next 20 best college student apps at once while the last page complements the list. You can navigate with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

21. iHomework

iHomework, just like other productivity college apps in our list is like a student's companion. Helps you keep up-to-date with your school work, grades, to-do's, teacher's information, and almost everything else that's useful for you during the school year.
iHomework supports cloud feature and helps you sync saved data across all your iOS powered devices. It is a premium app that goes for little above $1.

22. is a top free student app for creating "to-do list". It lets you organize projects and manage your tasks from anywhere and share them easily with friends and sundry. 
It is available for android, iOS, Web and Mac.

23. Studious

Studious utility apps lets you set class schedules, homework deadlines, store notes, photos and to do tasks with ease. Studious app will automatically silence your phone on getting to the corresponding time added to your class schedule. 
There's a full guide on makeuseof that gives a walk through and how use and setup this app for increasing productivity and time management. 

24. IT & Computer Dictionary

IT and Computer Dictionary is a good choice for electrical electronics and computer engineering students. Contains database for IT terms and jagons.
It is a premium android app sold for a little above $1 (buy from on the Google play store.

25. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is not like just any other free productivity app on the internet, it is an app specialty designed for college students that combines tracking schedule, grades and homework with a lovely GUI and overall user-experience.
iStudiez Pro is available for Windows, Mac and iOS. Supports data sync between Mac and iOS versions.

26. Mint

Mint is a digital finance manager that lets you manage your spending as a college student. With Mint app, you can create budgets, receive alerts for unusual account charges, get free credit score and custom tips for reducing fees and saving money.
It is available for Web, iOS, Windows mobile and Android.

27. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is not just a college app but one that even professionals endorses. It is a mobile encyclopedia that cuts across all sphere of studies.
Lets you analyze and and get reports for course material and researches. It is a premium app sold for little above $2 and it is available for all major platforms and operating systems.

28. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the best apps for organizing travels, excursions and just any perfect trip. It lets you find the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go.
It is available for all popular platforms and offers even more than just advice for trips.

29. is a feed aggregator app that helps you read news, articles, resources and tips from sources that are really valuable to your field and course of study.
Feedly as a popular app is available for web, cell phones and tablets.

30.  Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation ( is an iOS app that lets you do voice to text like a pro.
As one of the best voice recognition application on Apple's iTune store, dragon dictation lets you dictate to your smart phone with just your natural Speaking as you do your day to day activities.
You can take notes and record events faster with the dragon dictation app. It supports dictation in languages other than English. You can get the android version at

31. Voice Recording Apps

Smart voice recording apps is useful for taking memo,meetings and long lecture notes from lecturers, course mates and study groups.
Can be faster, smarter and lets you study lectures at a better time when it is neither boring nor looking like a brain-overload.

32. SelfControl

SelfControl is a must have for students, there is a version for Mac and Android from different developers. The android version focuses more on controlling your activities on the smart cell phone while the Mac version helps you block distracting websites and email clients so as to stay focused and stacked to one productive activity at any given time without being distracted by apps or website notifications.

33. Todoist

Todoist is not just a time management app but a students-enhanced time management and organization app to increase productivity.
If you are in a college or university and not making use of Todoist app to manage your time productively, you are really loosing out on such a free gift of an app.

34. Quizlet

Quizlet is a combination of all useful tools and study materials to help out in leisure and during group study. Can come in handy for students in high school and colleges alike.
It is available free on all major platforms and operating systems.

35. XMind

XMind is a superior educational application used for mind mapping. It lets you clarify thinking, manage complex information, run brainstorming and get work really organized.
Xmind is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the free version from or go for any of the premium versions.

36. The Photo Cookbook

With the Photo Cookbook app, you can impress your lodge mates, your course mates and even learn new recipes for making your favorite meals.
You can learn lots of new cooking methods and recipes by taking a full cooking course with the Photo Cookbook app.

37. Notability

Notability app for iOS ( lets you take notes, mark-up photos, provide audio feedback, sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, and record lectures.
It is a premium educational app that's best for college students and lecturers. It is sold for about $4 at the iTunes app store.

38. Sleep If U Can Alarm

Sleep If U Can Alarm application will help you meet up with lectures in time, it does this by not just ringing the alarm tune but makes sure there isn't easier method to shut it down.
You must be fully awake to be able to stop the disturbance from the app, just take it that this app will always wake you up in time to prepare for lectures, group reading and meetings.

39. CliffsNotes

CliffsNotes is an educational app for literature and linguistic student. It should serve as your leisure study pal if your course is related to literature and English language studies.
It is a free app and supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download from

40. Flashcards+

Flashcards+ is one app you shouldn't do without as a student in high school or college. It is a superior online flashcard & notecard tool for high school and college students, and those studying seriously for GRE, SAT, ACT and other standardized exams.
It lets you Memorize fast and fun like a pro. Flashcards+ is an educational application designed to help you learn things more quickly and scale through your toughest classes.

41. Chegg

Chegg is a must have app for college students, lets you get access to textbooks, study materials and to also get help, tutorials and tips for solving complex questions and scientific problems.
Chegg  is available free on the iTunes app store and Google play store.

42. TED

TED app is updated regularly and has database for bold and new thought leadership from education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, music legends and other remarkable minds that have excelled in their field.
TED lets you find thousands of inspiring TED Talks: videos to feed your curios mind, explore innovative concepts and expand your world.

43. StudyBlue

StudyBlue provides you better ways to study smarter as a college student, lets you keep and learn concepts as well as make your notes organized and easily accessible.
There's a study blue app for all popular smart phone's operating system and it is a free to download! free to use! application.

44. Duolingo

Duolingo is another lovely app for college students, it lets you learn new languages with ease and simplicity. It is free and available for web, mobile phones and tablets.


IQTELL is an email productivity application that lets you manage all email account from one place as well as add items to your to do list.
With the IQTELL app, you'll learn to browser smarter, learn and manage your time very wisely.

46. Clear

Clear is one of the best premium "to do" reminder application available on the iTunes app store. It lets you get really creative with time management and improve your overall productivity as a college student.
You can start organizing your life as a student with a copy of clear iOS app (

47. Mobile Banking and Finance Management Apps

To make the most use of your time for really valuable activities you need a good finance management application. Lemon wallet used to my favorite before they got acquired by lifelock. We still have really good options for managing finance and increasing productivity.
  • Venmo: Venmo is a mobile baking application that uses bank-grade security systems and data encryption to protect your financial information. It lets you collect money from debtors, send money, Cash out to any bank, pay for friend's drink and all that.
Venmo is available for iOSAndroid, Windows and Blackberry 10 devices.
  • QuickTeller: Quick Teller was featured in our list of mobile banking applications in Nigeria. It lets you buy airtime for your cell phone, pay for your call line services, transfer funds between accounts and pay for various subscription services.
It is available free on all platforms and operating systems. Click the linked article above to download a version that's suitable for your device.

48. Wunderlist

Wunderlist lets you capture your ideas and organize them in ways that increases productivity. It should be top on your time management apps.
It is loved by college students and professionals that cares about innovation and increasing productivity.

49. Health and Fitness Apps

Health is wealth, they say! You need these top recommended health and fitness apps to stay fit in school and colleges. From medical advice to food and dieting tips, these application will normally help you stay fit and strong for lectures and all the hassles that comes with learning in a higher institution.
MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal as the name suggests is a utility app that helps you keep fit all year long. My fitness pal as a highly recommended college app has the calorie counter and helps you set a daily calorie goal as well as record your daily food and exercise to make sure you stay on track always.
It is available for Android, iOS and other operating systems (OS).
Lose it: Lose it works just as great as my fitness pal. It is a weight loss app that is furnished with superior tips and guides for losing weight.
It is free and available for download from any of the top mobile apps stores.
WebMD: WebMD is another good app in the health and fitness group. It lets you access physician-reviewed health content and really interactive tools in addition to on-demand healthy living tips.
WebMd is available free on all popular platforms and mobile operating system (OS).

50. Scribd

Scribd just like kindle is a must have app for college students. It has long database of books, audio, comics, documentation and references.
You can never get bored leisure reading with this application. It is a premium app and will cost you some bucks.

51. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner
Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is another application I could easily recommend to students in high school, polytechnics and colleges. It lets you get access to Allrecipes' awesome collection of member-submitted recipes, with ratings, reviews, and photos.

52. LectureNotes

Lecture Notes is an education app that's particularly designed with university students in mind. It lets you write and make sketches faster on the screen of your phone, phablets and tablets.
LectureNotes app is particularly optimized for tablets and goes for little above $3.

53. RefME

RefME makes it easy to create essay footnotes and citations. It is targeted at university students and makes automating citations, reference lists and bibliographies a stroll.

54. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar lets keeps stay organized and avoid distractions that arises as a result of lacking a good sense of time management.
It can help you to always keep up with meeting and schedules, never lets you miss appointments with your team, group and course mates.
It is available on web and mobile.
Another good app (Sunrise alternative) that helps with productivity and time management is the Trello app which is also available for android and iOS.

55. Group Chatting apps

Group chatting apps are very useful for group projects and researches that needs collaboration. You can keep in touch with your group members as well as report project's progress and challenges to members of the group.
In this category, we are going to go with three (4) apps that works best for college students and with little or no distraction from random acquaintance.
  1. Whatsapp: Whatsapp lets you create group and chat with only your contacts. See for download links and more info.
  2.  GroupMe: GroupMe is another superior messenger that lets you keep up with your team's progress without missing a single update. You can even take part on the conversation without having the app installed. See for download link and more details.
  3. Skype: Skype is like the first two above but offers less control than them. Great for cloud conferences, party planning and team's progress report. Random contacts should be blocked to avoid being distracted from your studies. See for apps download links and more….
  4. Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts connects with your Google account and can be used for meeting, cloud conferencing and group studies. Visit for download info and details.
Are there college students apps we missed or supposed to have includes in our list?
Please do drop them below.  Share this page with your friends and also share your experiences with the apps listed either as a student in high school, college or a professional.
Get a PDF version of this list here

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