Jumia Black Friday is Back Again


Hope you guys still remember jumia black friday right?. It is here again and this time Jumia has promise to offer even more discount on the prices of their appliances. Here is what Jumia say "Last year we make you happy, this November we will make you proud!. Are you ready for the BIG DEAL ? Looking forward to buy a new smartphone, TV, Laptops, Computers, Consumers Electronics, Generations, Clothe etc then don't miss Jumia black Friday.


When is Jumia Black Friday?

Jumia black Friday normally take place in the month of November. Jumia black Friday for 2016 will be on 25th November, 2016. Get ready for real deal.

What You should Expect in Jumia black Friday
Jumia black Friday is day set aside by Jumia to put smiles on the faces its customers by offering mouth watering discount on sales items. For example, on the black Friday you pay half the of price on the list of items that will be feature by Jumia on that day instead of the full price. Yes! you read it' HALF THE PRICE. It will be a 12 days of heavy discount, Flawless shopping and than 100,000 deals on ground.

Like now the price of Gionee M5 Marathon is currently at N72,000 on Jumia but on the black Friday deal this phone could be your's at N32,000 or even more cheaper than that. So start planning ahead of time, list the items that you will like to buy, budget some amount of money
 and keep. 

How to make Money on the Jumia Black Friday

If you are someone that is very smart, you can make money on this coming jumia black Friday
How? A lot of product will be sell at a very cheap prices, you can get these items at the cheap price and resell it at the normal price later. 

Like if you buy Gionee M5 marathon at the  rate of N32,000 on jumia black Friday, then you can resell it N72,000 after Jumia black Friday. Imagine you have the money to buy up to 5 pieces at the rate of N32,000 that will amount to N160,000 and you resell it at the rate of N72,000 each, that will amount to N360,000. Now let calculate your Profit N360,000 - N160,000 = N200,000. You will make N200,000 profit just on that alone!.


How to Get  Ready for the Jumia Black Friday

  • Make a list of items you will like to purchase. (Smartphones , laptops , shoes, fashion items , Tv sets , anything!)
  • Save as much money as you can , so that you will have more than enough for the event.
  • Make sure your phone and laptop is fully charged the night before black friday,  in order to avoid disappointment.
  • Get a good internet connection , one that is very very fast! I recommend " AIRTEL"
  • Be awake by 11:30 pm. Black Friday usually starts by 12 am and that's when most of the good deals are posted.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter. We will send you an email few minutes before the event.


In the end , you need to be VERY SMART AND FAST!!