How to Unlock Huawei e303 and Zte mf631 Modems for Free

How to Unlock Huawei e303 and Zte mf631 Modems for Free

USB internet modems is the easiest method to connect to the internet even in rural locations. A high-speed data access in now a possibility with USB modems.
Most mobile telecommunication network providers usually lock their modems to a particular network making the flexibility that comes with USB internet modems impossible.
In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to unlock Huawei modems and zte modems for free. You’ll learn how to Unlock Huawei e303 and best method to unlock Zte mf631 modem for free.

How to Unlock Huawei Modems

This tutorial is targeted at unlocking Huawei e303 modem and Zte mf631 modem using the best methods.
If you are looking for free utilities to unlock just any Huawei or ZTE modem do visit the links below or read on for tips for unlocking Huawei e303 and Zte mf631 modems.

How to Unlock all ZTE Modems

Many have considered the Etislat easyblaze zte modem mf631, zte mf180 ,zte mf190 and some other stubborn mtn, glo and airtel Nigeria zte mf series model a difficult to crack modem.
Hence the need for creating this tutorial on how to decode or crack the so-called unlock-able brands of modem. Now I will guide you on how to unlock these ZTE USB Modems free.
This tweak has been so known for long and so should be the easiest thing to do, with this software trick you can unlock your ZTE modem in less than 10 minutes by completing really easy steps.
unlock stubborn zte modem free

  •  Download the special DCcrap for this free ZTE modem unlocking from this link
  • Connect your modem with an unsupported network SIM inside
  • Extract the content of the winrar to a folder on your pc
  • Lunch the modem support application make sure that the SIM in your modem is the one that your modem service provider does not support
  • Your modem support application will prompt you to put in the unlock code, just ignore this warning and close the software window
  • Then lunch the suit/software , choose zte datacards in the drop down menu and leave the second option at auto-detect
  • Click the search icon to search for your device, forget the name not found (or name not listed), at least the IMEI will be listed for you telling you that the device is currently locked
  • On the top right menu locate unlocking , click on unblockunblock successful is next message you will see
  • Hurray! Your zte modem is now unlocked
  • Launch the modem support application again to configure APN and use your device.

How to Unlock Huawei E303 & Airtel Huawei E173 USB Modems

a) Download the latest version of Dc-unlocker software from the here
b) Purchase Dc-unlocker username and password from this link
c) Insert and install your modem software on your computer allowing all the necessary drivers to install fully
d) Insert another Network provider SIM on the modem, when it popup request for unlock code click “Cancel” and close the modem interface.
e) Launch the Dc-unlocker software you’ve already downloaded in step a above and click on “Automatic detect” button, wait for some seconds it will show your device details.
After that click on server -> insert the username and password with credit you bought from Dc-unlocker website or dealers
F) Click on Check Login to know the amount of credit on the account and to know if the username and password is valid.
g) Now click on Unlocking -> Do the job.
It will connect online and unlock your modem within few seconds.
4 credits will be deducted for huawei e303 modem while 7 credits will be deducted for Airtel Huawei e173 modem or any order modem with a customized firmware
Now you can configure your zte modem’s APN to work with other networks following the dashboard option as seen below
Unlock all huawei e303 modem  guide 2013
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