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How to get 2GB data bundle from MTN with just 500 Naira

Just of recent i slot in my mtn line into my modem and received a message that says "Get double the value of any data plan you subscribe on mtn for 6 months".  Yes that the message i got! May be it's the MTN KPALASA Phone bonus. If you have not known it yet, Mtn kpalasa Phone bonus give you 100% data bonus on any mtn data plans subscribe to when you upgrade to a new smartphone.

This mtn kpalasa bonus works on both mtn new and old sim. So if you have an mtn old sim that you have not used it before on your smartphone or on your 3G ZTE modem, just insert it in and wait for a notification from MTN.

mtn kpalasa bonus

MTN Nigeria is giving its users 100% data plan reward for all their data plan subscription for the next 6 months. Taking a decent utilization of this wonderful bonus from MTN you can get MTN 2GB data volume for 500 naira for a week and 8GB MTN data plan volume for 2000 naira for a month.

This arrangement is less expensive and more advantageous to pay for as you don't need to pay so much at once for the month subscription.

Typically, for a month MTN data plan for 2000 naira gives you 7GB (3.5GB + 3.5GB reward)

But with these MTN trick you will get 8GB for same cost and you will just pay 500 naira week after week as you will be given 2GB (1GB +1GB data reward) for 500 naira for a week , so for a month you will get 8GB for an aggregate of 2000 naira.  So that how you will be getting 8GB for a month with 500 naira weekly.

How to activate mtn 2gb data plan for 500 naira 

Step by step instructions to subscribe to mtn 2gb data plan bundle for 500 naira

You must be on iPulse, if not dial *406# to move to iPulse

Load your line with N500 naira MTN card

dial *406*2# and you will be given 1GB for 500 naira with an additional 1GB bonus adding up to 2GB for 500 naira.

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