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How to Activate and start using Glo 4G LTE Network on your phone

As a follow up to the post i published yesterday about Glo 4G LTE network, if you read the post you should already be familiar with Glo 4G services and also known if glo 4G network is available in your locality. If Glo 4G network is available in your area then you can start using it and that's would only be possible on a 4G enable mobile device. This Glo 4G network is still working with the normal Glo APN setting.

Glo 4G LTE APN Settings

"APN Settings" for your smartphone/tablet enables the internet settings your device requires in order to use internet data or for internet connectivity. It is the same for any device (smartphone/tablet).
To enable your APN setting on your phone, simply navigate to your phone settings, select APN and enter the following details in the appropriate fields:
*Access Point Name (APN) = APN
*Username = Flat
*Password = Flat 

How to enable Glo 4G LTE network on your phone.

The method for activating Glo 4G network on your mobile device is just the same as enabling MTN 4G networkon your phone. 

The good about glo 4G Network is that you still enjoy with their cheap data plans unlike MTN 4G service that work's only on their 4G data plans which is a bit costlier. 

To know if your mobile device is 4G compatible. Simply text 4G to 400.  Then if your mobile phone is 4G enable, you need a glo 4G sim card in order to start using the 4G network on your phone.

To obtain a glo 4G sim card 
  • Go to the nearest glo office and request for a 4G sim card
  • Register it and slot it into your 4G enable phone
  • Dial *777# to subscribe to any of the Glo 4G data plans and start rocking with high speed.
That all on activating Glo 4G LTE network on your device. If you are already making use of glo 4g network on your mobile device, tell us about it on the comment box.

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