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Glo Upgrade their data plan to 3.2GB for 1k, 7.5GB for 2k, 10GB for 2.5k, 12GB for 3k Plus More


Glo Data Plan Updated

One of  the leading and best data plan telecommunication network in Nigeria Glo has just upgraded their data plan from 2GB for 1000 naira, 6GB for 2000 naira, 10GB for N2500, 12GB for N3000 to 3.2GB for N1000, 7.5GB for N2000, 10GB for N2500 plus many more. I think this Glo New data plan upgrade only affect the Glo N1000 data plan that was previously 2GB  which is now 3.2GB for the same amount and the Glo N2000 data plan that was previously 6GB now upgraded  to 7.5GB. They should have at least upgraded the N2500 data plan from 10GB to like 12GB, How do see it?.

This is a good one from Globacom Nigeria. Of Course Glo Nigeria will not stop maintaining their status quo as the best data plan telecommunication network in Nigeria. Since the beginning of this year 2016, there have been series of updates on their data plan offer. First it was 1GB for 1k, they upgraded it to 1.5GB for 1k and later to 2GB for 1k, now 3.2GB for the same 1k, well this is an improvement we all long to see but i'm still anticipating to see when data plan will be N100 for 1GB and still valid for 30 days. 

As usual, If glo GPRS is strong in your area, then this is a better choice for you. The full list of Glo new data plan 2016 is as follows;

1. 1.6GB for N500 valid for 10days
2. 3.2GB for N1,000 valid for 30days
3. 7.5GB for N2,000 valid for 30days
4. 10GB for N2,500 valid for 30days
5. 12GB for N3,000 valid for 30days
6. 18GB for N4,000 valid for 30days
7. 24GB for N5,000 valid for 30days
8. 48GB for N8,000 valid for 30days
9. 2GB + 2.5GB on Campus + N2,000 airtime + 500Mb data to gift for N2,000 valid for 30days
10. 5GB + 6.25GB on Campus + N5000 airtime + 1.25GB for N5,000 valid for 30days 

How to Subscribe to Glo Upgraded New Data Plan 

To subscribe to any of the glo new data plan offer, load the required amount on your glo sim and dial *777#, then follow the on screen instruction to choose your preferred data plan. 

You can check your Glo data plan balance by dialing *127*0# or simply send "Info"  to 127. Your glo data balance will be send to you by text message.

The good about glo data plan is that you can share it with your friend. You can even join money with your friend to subscribe for a largest volume and share equally. It also works on all devices ranging from Java, android, windows, iphones, laptops, desktops and Modems. In as much as you have glo gprs settings and connection on your device.

Its obvious that Glo gprs is not good in all part of the country, so if you are affected by this network issue, don't be so upset but be happy because this upgrade from Glo will send a wake up call to your favourite Network and they will come up with a more favourable data plan offer for you. Competition always bring out the best. Kodus to Globacom Nigeria for always bringing in the competition we expect to see, but i'm still looking out to see when 1GB will go for just N100 and valids for 30 days. 

As we are approaching the end of the year, be on a look out because more better data plan, tariff plan offers and  bonuses will be release.


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