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Etisalat Nigeria set to Launch 4G LTE Network

Etisalat 4G network

While we have been busy trying to enjoy MTN 4G LTE  that has just been make available everywhere in Nigeria by MTN,  we never seem's to notice that Etisalat Nigeria were quietly working on their 4G LTE Network. 

This 2016 is ending up being the year of 4G LTE mobile in Nigeria. Presently we have InterC, Smile, Spectranet,ntel, Swift and MTN. Etisalat is going to join the trend, now set to take off 4G LTE Service. 

If you are residing in Lagos and you are handy with a 4G mobile phone, a quick manual search for the available Network will include Etisalat 4G network (forbidden) on your phone screen. You won't be able to use it now because it's not officially available. But just so that you know that Etisalat is a mile close to unleashing their own 4G mobile network in Nigeria. 

Simply that we are thinking about how that is conceivable, since Etisalat doesn't possess one of the customary 4G ranges. MTN Nigeria needed to procure Visafone to get their hands on the fundamental permit to send 4G administration. We ponder who/what Etisalat could corner/secure to turn out with this. 

Anyway, this is a brilliant development by Etisalat. As we are currently seeing the smell, get yourself arranged to welcome Etisalat 4G LTE Network. 

With the way technology is fast growing, in no time we would not need internet connection again to access information on the internet. Do you think that can be possible?.

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